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Chicago for those who cannot be with us

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I have made a blog... Was thinking how fun it was to see pictures last year, when i wasn`t there. So, i will maybe make some parts entirely private, only for us to see.

What you people think about that? Any suggestions or ideas, let me know.

Looking forward to do my first posts there, not so long now!!

Go busters :)


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Follow, or if you get it in Norwegian where it says "Bli medlem på dette", blue button.

Thanks folks!! Felt realy stupid posting to 1 person, lol ;D

I`m packing, how much luggage do one person need?! Thought i was good with one trolley suitcase, but i need a big one :-? And i think i should pack allot of kleenex... Suspect there will be a little bit tears maybe :P

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