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  1. We spend a ton at Amazon and have had CB listed as our smile charity for some time now. Can anyone confirm that this cause is actually getting money from smile.amazon?
  2. Booked. Note that if you have a corporate room rate it is typically better than the conference rate.
  3. I see... so you are talking fixed dosage. I have seen sumatriptan fixed in 6mg and 4mg doses.  Here is a partial list I found on what is out there. ALSUMA Auto-Injector 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Imitrex 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Imitrex Statdose Cartridge 4mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Imitrex Statdose Cartridge 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Imitrex Statdose System 4mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Imitrex Statdose System 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Sumatriptan Succinate 4mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Sumatriptan Succinate 4mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection (Kit), Sumatriptan Succinate 4mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection (Refill), Sumatriptan Succinate 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection, Sumatriptan Succinate 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection (Kit), Sumatriptan Succinate 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection (Refill), Sumavel DosePro Needleless-System 6mg/0.5ml Solution for Injection
  4. When you say 'sumatriptan injections', are you talking about the autoinjector? Imitrex has come in vials for as long as I can remember. Use as much as you want.
  5. On a side note, scuba second-stages perform basically the same function as demand valves, and are plentiful and cheap on ebay. Perhaps I will look into the pressures involved at each stage. If they look compatible I might figure out the fitting adapters needed to hook these up to a medical O2 regulator.
  6. I buy demand valves off ebay regularly. They range from great shape to train wrecks, with most being in the middle or lower end. Most need the exhalation valve replaced at a minimum. The most common issue is that many are really noisy... annoyingly noisy... due to wear on some internal parts. One issue with the 40LPM variants... that is 40LPM when constantly on, which is not how a demand valve works. In other words they deliver less than the 25LPM touted as being the CH need when breathing from it regularly (say 50% cycle). It is easily fixed... the intake fitting is where the 40LPM limit is. You take it off, drill it out slightly (it is very soft metal), clean it up and replace.
  7. There are a sad subset of us for which O2 is ineffective. If I catch it early O2 knocks it down for as long as I huff, but I am slammed within 10 minutes of stopping it. That seems pretty common among the minority of us who find O2 useless... O2 is more of a 'pause button' than an abortive. I have more O2 gear than most... in fact I rebuild and donate demand valves to those of us who benefit from O2. Thus I can safely say my gear could do the job. I even have one of those clunky O2 concentrators pictured above sitting around. : An experiment I performed last cycle was sleeping with 5l/minute of O2 via nasal all night to see if it reduces the number of nighttime hits. Results were inconclusive on the negative side. :-/
  8. How is the 'free parking next door thing'? Is it reasonably close? What is the cost to park onsite? Thx!
  9. Impressive statistics, and it is already approved in Europe. Their site... http://www.ati-spg.com/us/en/therapy/ati-system/ Wonder how much is costs?
  10. On a followup note... it has been done by a crew in Japan about 10 years ago... http://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/pdf/chempharmbull.50.92.2002.pdf Specifically... Shows 5-bromo, 7-bromo, & 5,7-dibromo as the results, all unstable. They acetylated them, yielding stable 4-acetoxy-5-bromo-N,N-dimethyltryptamine & 4-acetoxy-7-bromo-N,N-dimethyltryptamine How important is the OH versus an OAc to us as a treatment? I dunno. Looks as though it took them a few tries to get the bromination to work. They provide very nice detail. Â
  11. LOL... your wife already made some lame-assed excuse as to why she will not be there. Guess you are traveling alone.
  12. A group of regulars from CH.com (assuming all of them are on here too) get together in St Louis every January. Right now we are planning for January 11th-13th at the Lumiere Hotel & Casino on the St Louis riverfront. If interested say something either here or at CH.com. We may be able to get a group rate if enough are planning to attend. Details over on CH.com
  13. I'm the ugly one on the left in #3 and right in #35.
  14. ... and a potentially silly thought regarding it. We want BOL... LSD with a Bromine atom attached. Discussing the Psilocybin molecule with someone recently he noted the portion of the LSD molecule where the Bromine atom attaches is identical to the Psilo molecule. I asked 'Why would Bromo-Psilo not be similar to BOL?'. This my dumb question of the day.. Is Bromo-Psilo feasible? Any thoughts on that? The precursor of Psilo is quite a bit more readily available than the precursor to BOL, obviously. (I forgot everything I ever learned in Chem.)
  15. A number of people are asking what turned up with my attempt to obtain BOL. In a nutshell... Attempt A: Chinese lab. Price in the $2.5k range. Sent 3g of something. Wasn't BOL. Attempt B: Chinese lab. Price in the $1k range. Sent 40g of something. Wasn't BOL. Several months later received a check from China with very little English writing on it. Appears to have been from a government business regulation group. Was for a bit more than the original expenditure on this one. Seems that faux lab was busted. Attempt C: India lab. Price in the $4k range. This crew genuinely tried. They were told they could get the precursor, but their supplier fell through. Very apologetically they refunded the entire amount. Felt bad for them as they put dozens of hours into it. The communications I have from them show they were extremely knowledgeable on exactly what we sought. Lead D: People do hit this board. Making a long story short... was contacted directly by older gentleman with a chem background, who some decades ago was in the precursor business. Long retired and bored, sees this a noble reason to fire things back up. Chatted several times. Ballpark was low to mid 5-figures, entirely for lab improvements and the needed inputs, payable only after successful assay. Was invited to participate throughout.   Tabled that one for now... not big on the risk. Next cycle, who knows? I am out of cycle and would never dream on guinea-pigging any treatment I sourced on anyone else, so not running with any of these right now. Take care friends.Â
  16. I carry the bulk of my meds in my checked baggage. In my carry-on I bring a small supply of needles and vials. I treat them as I would any liquid I am taking on-board. Never had anyone even glance at them.
  17. No triptans? That would be tough. The pressure change is a trigger for me 100% of the time when in cycle. If in cycle (as I am now) I do 2ml of Imitrex right before I board. That gives me about 4 hours of coverage. On your carry-on meds... make sure none of them are liquids over 3oz. Otherwise they go in the trash. Not sure why you would need the rest of your meds in carry-on.
  18. What I learned so far... LSD is a bit on the unstable side. The salt adds to the stability of the molecule.
  19. The CAS number for BOL-148 is 478-84-2. 2-bromolysergic acid diethylamide C20H24BrN3O The CAS number that THC Pharm Gmbh has on their page is 69580-06-9. BOL-148 hydrochloride 2-Bromo-D-lysergic acid diethylamide hydrochloride C20H25BrClN3O Any thoughts on the difference? Why the salt? When putting an order out to synthesize this would one go for the straight BOL-148 or what THC Pharm synthesized with the salt?Â
  20. You can put me in the 'hardcore vegetarians getting bitch-slapped by CH daily' category as well. I am leaning toward a diet rich in mushrooms...
  21. I picked up 3 demand valves on eBay for about $35 each. Two of them needed new exhalation valves @ $18 each. There is one out there right now from the same seller I picked mine up from... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Life-Support-Products-Oxygen-Demand-Valve-Medical-/180724727774?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a14087fde
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