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busting with amt

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forgot to mention i also take 720mg of verapamil, 75mg amitriptlyine and use sumatriptan 20mg nasal spray and oxygen to abort attacks. I found that i could stop all my headaches by taking sumatriptan nasal spray 3 times a day before attacks were due but my neurologist says i shouldnt do that its very dangerous, but its the only thing that has worked in 11 years of suffering. Is it really that dangerous and has anyone found that it works for them?

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To date, I have never heard of anyone busting with AMT.  But I would be very surprised if it did not work.  For the folks who haven't heard of it, AMT is alpha-Methyltryptamine.


It's a tryptamine psychedelic with a lot of amphetamine qualities to it.  I was very surprised to read that it is legal in the UK and is not mentioned in Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances Act...

Sasha Shulgin's write up of it makes it seem like it is somewhat unpredictable.  Might make you trip hard, might not.  Might make you puke like you've never puked before, might not.  Seems pretty speedy and it seems like it can last a long time.


Scariest part of it is that there have been 2 confirmed deaths from it.


If I had the chance, I would probably try a small dose, but not with any other drugs.  I have no idea how it would interact with methysergide, I would be more scared of the Amitriptalyine.  Any time you are combining psychedelics with antidepressants you are putting yourself at a greater danger of serotonin syndrome. 

My 2 cents is that it's an interesting drug that I would be very careful with, I would not feel comfortable at all combining it with the list of drugs that you're currently on. 

As far as the Imitrex, many people feel like too much will give you rebounds.  Far from being proven, but in my experience it seems that way.  As far as being dangerous, I have no clue, but I would er on the side of caution and believe him unless you can get a second opinion stating otherwise.

If you went hog wild with the Oxygen do you think you could avoid the Imitrex for a week?

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I think you'll hear a near unanamous voice of those experienced on this site, that what's worked best for most of us is:

1) Safely stop use of all dr presribed abortives (particularly Imitrex)

2) Use 100% O2 as an abortive (15lpm or greater)

3) Seeds or shrooms to terminate the cycle taken at 5 day interivals.

Hope this helps,


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thanks ricardo and that hurts, was pleased to here your views, think i will go cold turkey with the sumatriptan  and stay close to my oxygen. I to was amazed that amt is legal especially with the 2 unfortunate deaths on it, although i believe it may have been mixed with ecstacy.

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This is my first post here, I have recently started experiencing cluster headaches and am educating myself on the subject by doing as much research as I can.

I stumbled upon this thread and coincidentally I can vouch for the effectiveness of aMT for the prevention and abortion of symptoms. I have tried it myself in low dosage around 30mg, which produces light psychoactive effects, and inhibits headaches in my experience.

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Welcome, newGuy.  Sorry you have to be here.

Hopefully you know that the most important first step is to get oxygen.  http://clusterbusters.com/?page_id=77   Maybe the second thing, since it's simple, cheap, and often effective, is to give the D3 regimen a try. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1314134804     Busting is, of course, very highly recommended (see the various numbered files at the top of the "ClusterBuster Files" section of this board).

  You won't find a better resource than the good, experienced, generous, caring folks here -- so ask questions.  (Maybe start a new thread, if you think you'll be around for a while.)

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