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PLEASE READ: Heart-wrenching news involving our beloved spiny's family, and how we can help


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Spiny has done so much to break me personally out of cluster hell and get me PF again, I’ll never be able to thank her adequately, and with her 12 continuous volunteer years here, involving over four thousand forum posts of truly expert, helpful, encouraging guidance, I know there are countless legions of others who have benefited from the same.

As we all know, bad (as in really bad) things can happen to good people though. Now her adult daughter is suffering from the worst sort of utterly debilitating afflictions. Of course Spiny is devastated by this, seeing her child disabled and screaming in pain every few minutes. Today, true to form, spiny is traveling across the country to be with her daughter, to help her through, and to eventually bring her home (which will need to be modified-for-wheelchair-access) for care.

Some real funding will be needed to make this possible, and there’s a GoFundMe that members here are already starting to contribute to in an effort to bring an aspect of ‘good things can also happen to good people' to this heartbreaking situation. For me it is also at least one way of expressing gratitude for all spiny has done:


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I know everyone is busy and money is tighter these days than usual but every donation (even miniscule), will help! If any of you have ever received Spinys help on here,  then you've received something that a monetary value can't be placed upon. I hope that everyone will consider maybe skipping your daily Starbucks or Dutch Bros and donating that amount. Much love and appreciation to you all!

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