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Hello old friends!


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Hey folks,

It's been a while so I thought I would pop up through the floor and give ya'll a shout out. I hope all of you are doing well and keeping the beast at bay with your sacred medicines  ;)

I have not browsed the board so I really don't know what's up with everybody. My HA is pretty much under control thanks to Cymbalta. That is the great news. The other great news is that I started a fantastic new job March 2nd and I recently drove an entry level luxury sedan off the lot....Lexus IS 250. Ha ha...hope there is no class warfare here. I worked hard for this little reward  ;D

Finally, the BEST news is that my daughter, Cassidy, had the ostomy bag taken down in February and she is doing great! The wife is doing well also.

The only problem is that I am still suffering the effects of all the drugs I recently took. In particular, Ativan, a benzodiazepine. Very, very evil shit with very long lasting withdrawals. I am over 70 days off of it and I still have tinnitus and body ache/fatigue. It sucks large but I am better off than many others. I joined a benzo wd support group and learned a lot. I had no idea it would do this to me. Neither did my pain specialist...big surprise uh?

Here is a brief history:

Chronic nerve pain in head since Nov 2009 due to shingles episode. Left me with Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Addictive drugs not taken in earnest until Aug 18 2011. Took Hydrocodone from Aug 18 2011 - Oct 9 2011. Began taper Oct 10.

HC = Hydrocodone

TD = Tramadol (non-addictive synthetic opiate - right!)

AV = Ativan

120mg HC x 5 days

60mg HC x 5 days

30mg HC x 1 day (too fast - dosed up)

55mg HC x 4 days (then went mad)

100mg TD x 3 days (also began 2mg AV per nite)

Continued TD 100-400mg per day along w/ AV for 2-1/2 weeks

Last week of TD did quick taper. Took last dose TD on Nov 4. Continued AV thru Jan 27. Was having interdose wd from AV but did not know. Quic 10 day taper:

1mg AV x 5 days

.5mg AV x 5 days

Last dose Jan 27

Good thing is I am benzo free and pain med free. Now if I can get to that finish line where complete healing lies. I will get there.

Later gators,


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Glad to hear that you're doing well and about your daughter too! That's wonderful! I'd had you on my mind/was wondering how you were doing lately!

Pfft, you deserve that Lexus. You've been through a shitstorm. Your whole family has been. Congrats!


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Hi Scott~

Very nice to see a post/update and have it be one where you're head is clearing!  What a long road of twists & turns!  Far better to be driving your new Lexus on a paved road than the BS you've had to go through on the proverbial road of recovery :)

Merging off of the benzo's sounds like the best exit ramp and I'm thrilled to hear from you!

Cindy  :)

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