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Another weird part of this day...

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Just got back from the bank. Manager wanted to talk to me.

His father-in-law has Ch and my banker was in shock when my husband told him that is what I suffered from as well.

Father-in-law gets 2 months worth every 18 months. Banker couldn't believe that I just finished a 7 month cycle.

First thing he noticed was the weight loss. ;D Yea, it gets dramatic. But, his in-law looses 35lbs per cycle.

Asked me about the nerve block, since that is next on their list.

Then, told me that he had heard that the only thing that worked was Psychedelics!!!!!!! 8-)

So, I clued him in about the board and sister site. Bet we get a new member. In-law is getting to the 'shove it' point with the docs. Said he will decide toot sweet whether they have any brains. 8-)

Spreading the word, sharing the joy of our community. I feel like a good Faery Godmother, sort of.

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Then, told me that he had heard that the only thing that worked was Psychedelics!!!!!!! 

Wow - the very public efforts and contributions of Bob Wold, Dan/Hipshot et al continue to seriously get the word out!!  :)

I think Kaboom's tagline applies here:


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Meade

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