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How to use oxygen


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Hey, so I'm taking my first crack at oxygen. In the past had just used imitrex and busting, but new insurance ain't payin for the trex, and can't find vitamin M in Chicago   >:(

Here's what I got off craigslist today. No idea how to work this contraption, and finding all different mixed advice online.


25 bones seemed like a hell of a deal, but I don't even know if I got the right thing.


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O2, if you don't have a script, can be bought. It will be welders O2. Many of us use it OFTEN with no ill effects. The tanks are rated by Cubic Feet. So a 90 holds 90 cf of O2. Personally, I keep a 90 and a 60. They both fit in my little car and I can manage them alone when they are empty. Don't tell your supplier it is for medical use. They can flip out and could refuse to sell it too you.

If you buy the tank, you can have any dealer refill it. If you rent the tank, you have to take it to the company you are renting from. Tanks are about 100.00-200.00 depending on size and where you are. Having two keeps you from running out.  8-)

You need the non-rebreather mask from our sister site Clusterheadaches.com. It is about 30.00. They are great and ship ASAP.

You can locate and purchase a new regulator on line without a script. My 25LPM was 55.00. I suggest you get 25LPM at a minimum. When hit hard, you will most likely be hyperventilating from the pain and you want to continue to do that when you first hit the O2. As the pain recedes, you can lower the flow and breath normally to kill the attack off completely. 15LPM probably will not keep up if you are hyperventilating.

If it took 5 minutes or 60 breaths to kill the hit, stay on for an additional 5 minutes or 60 breaths AFTER the pain is gone. This helps to prevent getting hit again in short order. :)

Hope this helps. O2 is a LIFESAVER! :D :D :D :D

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I know most of you have to use the welding O2 so your at the mercy on what they charge, but thats too much. Well actually Id pay hundreds as well but I work for a medical supplier so I get medical o2 at cost (Ive worked there 12 yrs and just found the o2 works via this website.lol) Anyway I was using so much I looked into the costs associated with the filling of all the o2 cylinders. The largest tank you can get is a H tank. Its about 5ft tall and weighs quite a bit (I have to use a hand truck to move it). It costs my company $7.40 to fill these tanks. Some of the smaller tanks are between $2-4.00's. Just wanted you all to know this stuff is cheaper than what you may think so use that as a tool when negotiating.

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Ok so I started using oxygen. I have not been able to get a 25 lpm regulator yet, so I have only used the 10 lpm one that came with the tank.

The problem is, the oxygen is just delaying the inevitable for me. I will suck on it at max power for 15 minutes. pain goes away. but then its back like clockwork 15 minutes later. Eventually I just give up, take some pain meds, and ride it out.  Will the 25 lpm thing help, or is oxygen just not for me? I've heard rebounds are a problem. Goddamn, I wish it didn't take so long to grow!! I can't find anything to bust with!

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Keep on the 02 a bit longer after the pain leaves at least 10 minutes. It will extend the length between hits for you.

Go to the welding supply store and get an 02 regulator, it will deliver more flow than you can huff, provided you have a bottle with CGA-540 fitting for connection. Medically this is a tank of M or J size. Welding wise it is almost any size.

Go to Flotec.com, you can order any regulator you want Call them you want to talk to Ashley

Here's the contact stuff


Your unit is shipping out today. 

You should be receiving your invoice and credit card receipt here shortly.  The UPS tracking # will be on the invoice.


Ashley C. Warner  |   Customer Service   |   Accounts Receivable   |


FLOTEC  | 7625 West New York Street  |  Indianapolis, Indiana 46214  |  ph: (317)273-6960 x206  |  f: (317)273-6979 |  http://www.floteco2.com  |

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10LPM generally doesn't work too well.

You can cheat by making a Hillbilly high LPM in the mean time if ya want to. Tape a plastic bag to the regulator output. Use unscented, regular trash bag. Then, poke a hole in the bag for your tubing to go through. Tape that securely in place. Let the big bag fill up and then start. That way you have plenty to draw from in the beginning, when you need it most.

Not esthetically pleasing, but I don't think that matters. ;) It works till you get a good regulator.

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