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Relapse after death of someone close


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After only a few merciful weeks PF, someone extremely close to me died an untimely and sudden passing.  I have not gotten a full handle on my grief yet.  I'm not sleeping much, and the sleep I get is poor.  I have not been good about taking Verapamil or my D3 regimen.  The beast has returned.  If there was ever a question before as to whether stress plays at least a role in my CH, I think that question has been answered.  While the interruption of my usual meds could have also played a role....the constant pain of loss is manifesting itself throughout my body and concentrating behind my left eye and inside my let sinus. 

Not sure what question, if any, I'm opening for discussion in a new topic.  But, as many CH sufferers understand, sometimes writing things out to those who know pain can be therapudic. 

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My sons cousin was murdered last year and I had to tell him. One of hardest things I have ever had to do. Seeing him cry like that tore me in half. Loosing her sucked no matter how you looked at it. I had to constantly remind myself despite all the negativity in the world that there is far more good than evil. It kept me focused and got me through. Keeping busy, hobby, work, playtime helps as well

Just know....the attack will be over...and enjoy your time when not surviving an attack.

Sorry for your loss

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Having someone extremely close to you die suddenly - that has to be about one of the worst shocks to a person's system possible, so if any stress could trigger a CH cycle I would think that would be it right there.

I imagine the person you just lost would really want to you to take care of yourself in this scenario, wouldn't they? So if you aren't doing this already, please, if for no other reason than in their honor, get back to being vigilant now with the D3 and everything else needed to beat the beast back down.

Lord knows you have a plenty tough time right now without this damn CH.  :(

Extremely sorry to hear this has happened iPain.

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Thank you to you both.  I know we all go through tough times and that some just seem more equipped to deal with loss than others.  Maybe I just don't have those tools as of yet.

What I know is that walking into a home and to be the one to find someone otherwise thought to be healthy, lifeless on the floor....the image and the sudden and completely unexpected death has left me numb.  To my surprise, I'm not even all that concerned with my own physical CH pain.  I oddly do not have the same level of motivation to treat my symptoms despite its severely debilitating nature.  I know these feelings of immense sadness will pass.  I know all the cliches and time cures all things and this too shall pass.....but there is no question my body and mind are in complete shock and depression and those two things appear to be best friends with our demon.

This board has a specific purpose, and I do not intend to burden anyone with non-CH related horrors.  Forgive the post.  I appreciate the thoughts. 

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First off, my heart goes out to you during this time.

There is a recent thread about crying being a CH trigger, which then also talked about strong emotions triggering attacks. This is certainly true for me. When I cry, especially emotionally, I'll get an attack.

Stress, yes, a definate trigger. But I also think strong emotions. Cluster heads and migraine sufferers are very sensative people, and all kinds of things can trigger pain.

I'm sure that with time, things will settle down and go back to normal, well as normal as they can be with clusters.



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my CH's started a few months after my father passed. i can't help but think that maybe they came out of some form of grief. my condolences for your loss ipain. i will keep you in my prayers. be PF. I would like to ask Ricardo more about intransal ketamine.

how long before it takes effect? does it abort like imitrex? this is the first I've heard of it. please tell more.



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