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Great news for Swedish CH


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Nya anslag till forskning om mystisk huvudvärk

En stor donation möjliggör utbyggnad av ett forskningsprojekt om den mycket smärtsamma sjukdomen Hortons huvudvärk. Orsakerna till Hortons huvudvärk är fortfarande till stor del okända och kan nu undersökas närmare, samtidigt som man i projektet ska utveckla en ny behandlingsmetod mot de intensiva smärtattackerna.

Rune Andersson, grundare och styrelseordförande av koncernen Mellby Gård, donerar närmare 6 miljoner kronor till Hjärnfonden och forskning kring Hortons. Hans donation kommer att gå till en forskargrupp under ledning av Elisabet Waldenlind, överläkare vid Neurologiska kliniken, Karolinska universitetssjukhuset Huddinge och docent vid Karolinska Institutet. Waldenlinds forskargrupp specialiserar sig på forskning kring neurovaskulär huvudvärk, särskilt Hortons huvudvärk.

- I projektet kommer vi bland annat att undersöka neurogen inflammation och gener vid Hortons huvudvärk samt utveckla en ny behandlingsmetod med syrgas, säger Elisabet Waldenlind.

Hortons huvudvärk debuterar oftast i 20-40 årsåldern och har ett remitterande förlopp hela livet med återkommande perioder av mycket svåra hopade halvsidiga huvudvärksattacker. I dagsläget finns det ingen botande behandling. Olika typer av snabbverkande medicin kan bryta attacken men långt ifrån alla med Hortons blir bättre av dessa. Stödet från Hjärnfonden kommer bland annat att kunna finansiera ytterligare två doktorander för Hortoninriktad forskning, förutom dem som finns i gruppen sedan tidigare.

Short explanation:

A privat donator has donated almost 1 million $ for the science of cluster headaches. Amongst other things the gonna develope research for the use of oxygen as a treatment and also employ more people working only with CH.

Great news is´nt it!!? at last they are taking this headache seriously. Hope many people here can get the help they deserve now.

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Also used Google translator to try translate full text although google translator makes lots of mistakes, i still hope maybe someone will be interested to read full text.

Hopefuly Imigrant will correct mistakes in which case I willl be grateful if he does :)

"New funding for research into the mysterious headache

A large donation allows the development of a research project on the very

painful disease, cluster headache.

The causes of cluster headache is still largely unknown and can now be examined more closely,

while the project will develop a new treatment for the intense pain attacks.

Rune Andersson, Founder and Chairman of the Group Mellby Farm,

donating nearly 6 million to the Brain Fund and the research cluster.

His donation will go to a team of researchers led by Elizabeth Walden Lind,

senior physician at the Department of Neurology,

Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge and associate professor at Karolinska Institutet.

Walden Lind's research group specializing in research on neuro-vascular headache,

especially cluster headache.

The project will, inter alia, to investigate the neurogenic inflammation and genes

in cluster headache and to develop a new treatment with oxygen,

"says Elizabeth Walden Lind.

Cluster headache onsets usually in the age of 20-40 years old and has a remitting course of a lifetime of recurring periods of excruciating one-sided pain attacks.

For the time being there no cure. Different types of fast-acting medicine to help break

the attack are available, but far from all the cluster becomes more of these.

The support from the Brain Fund will, among other things,

fund two graduate students for Horton oriented research,

in addition to those in the group previously."

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I hope they find out an actual cause. That's the kicker for me. I always have the question, why do we get the blasted things. I think we would a sleep a little better if we could answer that question. Then maybe we could see and stop them before you actually get them. It seems to me that the attack is a symptom of a bigger issue.


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Pain is symptom of bigger issue, but our IQ does not lower, neither our body functions change, it is not lethal diseases, apart being depressed and suicidal.

Well if there was any damage very slow in progress, you would need to go untreated whole life and notice any damage i think?

Or I misunderstood you? Sorry if I did.

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If I was to guess, its similar to Migaine, epilepsy, and ofc both epilepsy and migraine are not explained either.

Probably something with nerves and central nervous system malfunction, something crappity smacks up and it triggers something else which triggers pain.

Like domino effect.

Question is what was first chicken or egg, is pain cause or a result?

You can try looking for answer, by scanning brain or by trying to connect and realise why Oxygen, verapamil, Lithium, Prednisone, Testosterone, water treatment, kudzu, psychadelics, red bull, exercise block those headaches for some for others not.

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"Rune Andersson, Founder and Chairman of the Group Mellby Farm, donating nearly 6 million to the Brain Fund and the research cluster."

Hats off to Rune Andersson! I imagine he realizes that the results of this research may very well help prevent some desperate CHers from resorting to heads off at the wrong end of a double barrel.

Imagine the day when this kind of funding could become available for CH/BOL research...

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