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Hi, new here. Questions bout detox and seeds.

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My cycle is almost over, I think.  Just another week or so.  I know, i'm stubborn.  I forgot to take a tank back once and it was like 500 bucks. Plus, it didnt work, prob cuz I had the wrong mask.  I will make it, this site has helped me!  You all have helped me!  Just by replying to me on this board.  I remember when I was told these were friggin migraines, so I went about it all wrong for 15 years.  I will beat this cycle, beat it back to the hell it came from!  Actually, I hope to beat it into a place that doesnt exist!

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Amen Raquel to kicking it's ass, and I hope you are right that the cycle is almost over. For us that are episodic that is our true independence day (at least for a little while).

David :) :) :)

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Still in cycle.  Ugh.  So, after messaging, we'll say their name is KOOL K, (dont know how they would feel if I blasted their business on here), I feel I should mention this in hopes that maybe it might help someone.  When I ordered my HBW seeds I ordered the cheap ones, Ghana strain.  KOOL K has been taking the Hawaiin strain.  KOOL K is also taking something similar to Prozac but has had sucess busting almost completely.  So, to sum it up looks like you get what you pay for as far as the HWB seeds are concerned.  I ordered the Hawaii strain today.  Even the cheapies busted my pain in half but more would be better so I can sleep!   :D

Much love for you all!


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