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Par. . .sorry to hijack here, but obviously I am familiar with these drugs. Short version is, you're talking 4-substituted tryptamines. As for their effectiveness in treating cluster headaches, they would most likely be no better or worse for an individual than any other tryptamine, natural or synthetic. The only real variable being receptor affinity (how well the molecule "sticks" to the critical 5HT receptors).

That being said, these are dangerous substances if you don't know what you're doing. 4-ACO-DMT being the least dangerous. The reason I selected 5-MeO-DALT for my trials was primarily the safety aspect. If one were to try one of these other substituted tryptamines as a self-treatment, it's critical that you do it under very controlled conditions. Perfect dosage measurement, lowest end of threshold dose, close observation, etc.

Now, re: the two replies above. . .Par is following established scientific theory and looking for new treatments for his CH. And I assure you, that is how it is going to happen. No doctor is going to find a new CH treatment. I believe I've seen posts from both of you about "busting", so a simple google search would have told you that Par's question is extremely valid and relevant. I know this already:


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thanks L,

Are the nm affinity levels on all these sub-tryps known ?

I wouldn't dive into the great unknown without due consideration - however, I came across these whilst cross referencing through the various "Day Trippers" web forums.

Reasoning - that those sites are more likely to dive in headless and possibly find the alternates which could prove beneficial to CH boys and girls. Also - I want to know the levels that have "no effect" so that if I raise my levels I do not fall into that world.

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Par, please be careful, I am not a scientist, and have not a clue about biology or chemistry. I apologize if my remarks seemed flippant as that was not my intention.  From the gist of the conversation I am reading these substances sound as if they could be dangerous.  I understand trying them though, just please take care k?

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I used 4-ACO-DMT as well as 4-HO-MET.

Both work fine to abort an upcoming attack.

With these compounds its possible to micro-dose exactly to avoid a full psychedelic trip.

2-5 mg  of either compound will do the trick (based on my personal experience and that of two CH-friends)

There are no negative side-effects.

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Do you ever bust for preventative purposes, or is your method purely micro-dosing as an abortive?

In my case in 99% of the time the CH comes at night in my second to thirth hour of sleep. It happens once that an attack came during work. It was horror.

Just for that I always carry 2-3 mg 4-ACO-DMT with me.

This amount is enough to kill an attack quickly but does not interfere with my activities.

I have not tried 4-ACO-DMT as an preventative.

On the 19th of this month I took a full dosis LSD to break the cycle and hopefully bust.

Since then uptill now I'm CH free!

LSD helped me in the past and in my case its more lasting and long term effective then psilocybine or their counterparts.

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