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Another Random question

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im starting to feel like the cat lady on the simpsons ..

So ,, I would like to ask you all here ,, If you catch a cold and your sinus' get plugged up and you can only breathe through your mouth .. have you noticed any affect on your cluster headaches ?

a kooky one I know

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Good question.... ponder ponder...

I don't think it's affected mine one way or another. I don't believe I get sinus headaches, but was roped into attending a Yoga class this week, and I hate (and I can't use that word strongly enough) the downward dog position. Putting my head upside down like that is not good. Shortly after arriving home I had a KIP 10 attack.

So I wouldn't be surprised if sinus issues are closely related to clusters for some people.


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None for me.

I personally feel CH is basically a birth defect. No reason why, no cause, just happened (sh!t happens). Lots of stuff makes it worse, some makes it better. I have had to accept it that way after running myself in circles trying to explain it... for 40 years now. I still instinctively jump on the blame something bandwagon... almost subconsciously... it just seems like a natural direction to go...

I do hope you find something to help us... you sure are tenacious enough to get it done!  :)

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I have no change at all with sinus issues. I went the path of 'You need sinus surgery to cure this headache; many years ago. CH side sinuses were reamed out and septum was straightened. No relief at all

Also went the route of 'Remove this tooth with the root canal and your head will be fixed. Not true either.

Oh, the latest is I got a concussion last week, hit on the CH side. That did not help either. But, the dog is fine!  ;D

Keep looking though. I enjoy your posts!

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thanks spiny ,,, My son is helpful sometimes .. trying to get information out of a 21 year old is difficult at best.  He says  "Mom ,, its just more of an inconvienience" ,, but it may become MORE than that some day.  I don't tell him that, I don't want to freak him out,, but its so bizarre that he gets say <25 of them a year .. and others that many in a week or 2 ?  whats different, why would it change.  why would someone have them a few times a year when they are younger ,, then become chronic ??   oH.. ok ,, that's going to make me post another question .. lol .. thanks spiny 

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