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whats this LEGAL LSD

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the product described there is a research chemical. It is not tested for human consumption. Therefore i would not recommend this for medicinal usage. Long term effects are not known, and most of the times those "RC's" as people call them, go out of stock pretty quickly because it eventually becomes illegal.

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It is basically the same thing (almost) as ALD-52 which was sold in the late 60s and early 70s as Orange Sunshine. I'm pretty sure it changes in vitro into Lucy. It should work. It is completely legal in the UK but the analog act 'might' kick in in the USA, then again it might not.

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Im going to try this and have purchased a lcouple of tabs

Dont like the thought of 12 hr journeys so im going to do a quarter of a tab and see

Ive been using truffles as im not in a ppsition atm to grow but hate taking them as they are disgusting to consume even tho i grind and mix with tangy foods

Hopefully these will be an easier experience plys atm its legal

Any thoughts on product other than above

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Yes, a shame.  Those of us who are still in town as the tumbleweed blows through try to help as we can.  I suspect none of us knew anything about that substance you were trying, and so couldn't really comment or give any advice.  I'm sure that more than a few people have read your posts with interest, and appreciated your making them.  I hope it will turn out to be successful for you and you get plenty of PF time.

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