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    whats this LEGAL LSD

    would this be of any use does anyone know. https://www.brc-finechemicals.com/1p-lsd.html
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    final post

    sorry to say pain free to you all
  3. tangerinearmy

    Blood test results

    didgens it is my prolactin its high, not very high but high so it could be prolactinoma. im having more tests and go from there.
  4. tangerinearmy

    Blood test results

    I had a NHS health check with bloodtests they do this to over 50 s Got a call from my gp s saying need more blood tests as testosterone is low Ive been busting monthly for last 6 months ( i like busting ;D ) i am due a cycle any time now and hopefully im overdue Interestingly i found this about low testerone Secondary hypogonadism is caused by a problem with the pituitary or hypothalamus glands. Those are glands that give a signal to the testicles to make testosterone, so if something affects them, testosterone production can be affected. Conditions that can cause secondary hypogonadism include: So it seems its connected to s faulty hypothalmus Im wondering if im in cycle
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    final post

    i received a personal message from spiny here it is below,this is why i no longer will post,i received a second one also ----------------------- [Moderator Edit: Personal message removed. Sorry tangerine, I'm loathe as anyone to apply any form of censorship, but I don't think posting someone's private messages publicly without the consent of the sender is considered OK...so temporarily at least I'm deleting that part from this message.....your reluctant editor Jeebs] ------------------------ these are the reasons for my leaving thank you for all your help.
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    The people here are awesome.

    your doc is to be polite useless get rid and find one who knows about ch and goes about diagnosing it in a professional manner. yours hasnt fire him/her as no good
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    I see so much activity

    im due any time going to disney orlando end of may and im desperate to keep it away. hence im busting evry 2 weeks atm i just dont want that bad boy turning yp
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    Messages to Fabalicious

    see you soon from a newbie limey
  9. i agree with ch a huge thanks to those willing to risk 8 weeks of hell i doff my cap
  10. is this study based on busting or a complete new drug am i being stupid sorry if so
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    get well soon from over the pond
  12. tangerinearmy

    Dr Elliot Shevel

    south african quack or busting now let me think that one through :-?
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    Help for my wife

    thank you batch YOU THE MAN
  14. tangerinearmy

    Help for my wife

    if it was me in your situation firstly id be getting o2 with the right set up its a must. 2 id be getting her on the vit d regime but would get involved on the other site and get batchs help. go here ---- http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?board=meds link batch and others to this thread so he can see whats what. good look
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    todays video

    enjoy i did
  16. tangerinearmy


    for the uneducated ie me what does these report mean
  17. tangerinearmy


    couldnt agree more very unselfish thank you to them also good point re portability
  18. tangerinearmy

    Shulgin Research

    cheers for this
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    not being funny but those results dont lookany better than 02 to me maybe im wrong
  20. tangerinearmy

    Husband now Daughter has CB !

    well firstly let me say how sorry i am about that.i cant imagine how your husband must feel i say that as a sufferer imo and it is only my opinion its genetic.the reason i think that is there are to many family members with CH be it siblings or parents and children. in 1973 my mum died of a brain hemorrhage and my father was told it wasnt a genetics thing and his children will be fine,both my sisters have since died following brain hemorrhages and i need to be ct scanned every 3 years now. saying that it doesnt 100% mean others in the family will get it just like i may not have a brain hemorrhage
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    Wo Big statement but does he have any influence nowadays
  22. tangerinearmy

    cluster headaches and exercise

    When I was a plasterer the work was very physical and never once in 15 years as a sufferer/ plasterer did I get hit at work Got hit loads of times on the way home in the van mind
  23. tangerinearmy

    Help for my wife

    fantastic and fingers crossed if it doesnt work though you have to still bepositive for her and let her know there are other roads.
  24. tangerinearmy

    Research on new tryptamine option

    i think firstly tell us about your headaches and what youvr been doing to stop them if not go forth and multiply
  25. tangerinearmy

    Help for my wife

    im sorry for your wifes pain if what you say in your first post is true its not cluster headache imo so you have to try the indo