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  1. Ithink the problem with any medication and clusters is to truly know how well it’s worked you need 2 years at least with episodic ch as we all know ch works in strange ways so would be interesting to hear after two years neanwhile I ll keep taking it and have a dose of magic every now and then ofc then I’ve no idea which one works or doesn’t
  2. I guess it must just be me but I read the o/p and a follow up post and thought to myself that doesn’t sound like clusters , if I were you I’d be finding thee right doctor to get a difinitive diagnosis
  3. Hey man, how much MM do you take each bust?

    I don't mind and actually like taking mushrooms, as it seems you do as well - so I'm not afraid to do 2..3...4mg if I have to.


    Any thoughts?



    1. Twisted-Melon


      Sorry for late reply

      i prefer to get there so to speak as that not quite there feeling is horrific as I’m sure you’d agree


      so I’d say min of 3gr dried

  4. I didnt see magic mushrooms on the must have list heres my list of do eat and dont eat do--anything i want JUST AS LONG AS IVE BEEN EATING THE MAGIC Dont--
  5. Oh sorry i wouldnt wait for any signs to re dose in future id dose as often as you can as for d3 i got tested and was low but busting is working for me so didnt want to upset the applecart so to speak but i see no reason that the two shouldnt mix
  6. You neeed a non rebreather mask im sure someone can provide a linkalso you can use a big tank reasonably quickly so have a spare as nothing worse than running out.saying that i once couldn't of imagined not using 02 and imitrex i truly havnt needed either since using the magic obviously i could be lucky as for dose size well that depends on how much you enjoy tripping 1.5 gr seems to be about the amount at least needed if you want more go for it i don't believe you need to lower on next doses you carry on as you please you ll find it much much easier to prevent a cycle even starting than stopping one thats started
  7. Yes you are in a bad place i ve never eaten whilst in cycle so cant answer but i do believe you run the risk of rebound headaches i believe it could take a few hits to break a cycle and you may have a rough time doing so but dont give in now in future DO NOT LET A CYCLE START BUST AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN personally i bust every 4-6 weeks and since i started about 4 years ago i havnt had one single headache it has saved me at least 3 cycles so i pray to the god that is phylicybin best wishes
  8. Jimmy i dont want to sound like a douche bag here but stsrt on the magic it works you ll get relief stop waisting time cos eventually when nothing else works you ll be on the magic get on it and enjoy life CAPICHE
  9. Forget the shite the doctors recommend get on the magic if you are right for it and dont look back
  10. Just get on the magic and get relief it really has to be done
  11. Yes im in bpool happy to talk and share experiences
  12. I prefer the magic but each to their own
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