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I haven't posted much recently, but am still around. Guess my beast has gone on a bit of a holiday, and isn't troubling me much. Or it's been scared away by the nearly daily headaches and migraines. Actually, they are worse than that, getting 2-3 a day many days. 


Sometimes my head seems determined to not let me have a break. :(


But hanging in there. Cannabis in the evenings is helping me sleep, which reduces the migraines so that most mornings, I only wake up with a headache and not a thumping migraine. I've even had entire days that were pain free, or nearly so. Am trying to count my blessings. 


Hang in there my friends.


xx MG

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Hey Spiny,


My sailing was AMAZING! The best week of my life. Totally loved it! Also made some really cool friends that week. 


I posted about my week on a sailing forum, and a guy who runs a site called Sail Mentor saw it and asked if I'd write an article for his site, which is here. I do think it is one of my best pieces of writing.


My Personal blog site (where you'll find full details of the sailing trip with pictures and vids) is here Sofa to Sailboat


My headaches dropped off quite a bit while sailing. I had a couple annoying ones I could ignore, but only one or two bad ones. Stress has a lot to answer for in my life.


xx MG

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