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Another update after busting

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Well tomorrow makes 90 days after I busted with MM and I am happy to say I am still cluster free. Although I am extremely happy with the results after suffering for over 30 years. I find it frustrating that Doctors can not use this to treat patients. Even if they had to use it in a controlled environment. Three doses have brought me more relief than 30 years of doctors saying try this and tell me what it does for you?

Thank all of you for the support! This site has changed my life.

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Hello - could you please give some information about what you did busting with MM and what dosage you took and what your cycle was like before and after...? I am a periodic sufferer and have tried busting and thought I was good and it worked, but just got another big hit and am now in the midst of a Clsuter period even though I had taken some MM however may have done something wrong in dosage and frequency etc...



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Hi Bk! Welcome.


It would be a good idea to post this on one of the closed boards where you are most likely to get in depth replies. This board is open to the public.


In addition the Clusterbuster Files contain a ton of info. Could you start your own thread on Share your Busting Stories or Theory and Implementation? It is a process not one and done as a rule.


Again, welcome and I look forward to reading your thread. :)

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