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"Advances in the understanding of cluster headache"

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A recent journal article.  I guess the positive part is that there are some "advances" in understanding, and it suggests there might soon be more.  As usual, all one can see without paying big bucks is what I have pasted here.



Introduction: Cluster headache is the worst primary headache form; it occurs in paroxysmal excruciatingly severe unilateral head pain attacks usually grouped in cluster periods. The familial occurrence of the disease indicates a genetic component but a gene abnormality is yet to be disclosed. Activation of trigeminal afferents and cranial parasympathetic efferents, the so-called trigemino-parasympathetic reflex, can explain pain and accompanying oculo-facial autonomic phenomena. In particular, pain in cluster headache is attributed, at least in part, to the increased CGRP plasma levels released by activated trigeminal system. Posterior hypothalamus was hypothesized to be the cluster generator activating the trigemino-parasympathetic reflex. Efficacy of monoclonal antibodies against CRGP is under investigation in randomized clinical trials.
Areas covered: This paper will focus on main findings contributing to consider cluster headache as a neurovascular disorder with an origin from within the brain.
Expert commentary: Accumulated evidence with hypothalamic stimulation in cluster headache patients indicate that posterior hypothalamus terminates rather than triggers the attacks. More extensive studies on the genetics of cluster headache are necessary to disclose anomalies behind the increased familial risk of the disease. Results from ongoing clinical trials in cluster headache sufferers using monoclonal antibodies against CGRP will open soon a new era.

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MOST interesting...thank you for posting this CHfather!


several comments:


I think the abstract is sufficient for now....


Puzzled by the "genetic component" reference. Migraine yes...but have seen very little in the past 30+ yrs

that there is any more than a "small/possible?" connection for CH....


Now what really stood out to me....having undergone chemotherapy with 2 meds for 2 1/2 yrs...ONE of which

was a monoclonal antibody...I can report that going in I was a 7 yr chronic clusterhead (after 23 yrs of episodic)... in

a cycle (yes, lows and highs within the chronic). Since then...ending 9 mos ago...I have been in a decidedly low

cycle (which I tremble saying...tempting fate doncha know)...and "suffering" mostly shadows with only the rare hit.


I TOTALLY understand this is an anecdotal....and we supposedly can age out of this nightmare...but it was danged

coincidental...and this is the FIRST I've heard of research using monoclonal antibodies for CH treatment....can't wait to

hear more...as there will be more chemo in the future.... and I'd like to think two birds with one barf...........





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jon', glad for your good news.  No jinx.


here's some info about a clinical trial of monoclonal antibodies for CH: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/3701-breaking-news-clinical-study-on-cluster-headaches/   Some people are holding out big hope for this one.


I'm pretty sure ClusterBusters has also had a hand in funding some studies of CH genetics.

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...thank you for the link...newish to the site and appreciate the "lookee here"...


...my apologies for lack of detail...the monoclonal antibody I refer is rituxan (aka rituximab)...


...and please note...as indicated in the link...there ARE side effects (consequences) of any med...

I referred a potential positive....PLEASE folks...note that it aint necessarily all sweet pigs and roses.

In my case...my immunity system is compromised beyond which I was warned or expected...it

IS a challenge....


You pays yur money and yas takes yur chances...I'm alive...hard to complain...but just be aware...

no sucha thing as: "FREE"





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G'evenin Jon! Anecdotal, yes, but you are the 3rd clusterhead I've seen post about improvement or remission following chemo in the past 6 months.....real bummer to be in a position to become privy to those possible side effects I know but glad to hear of the improvement old friend!

Dallas Denny

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