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14 years in the making, psilocybin & clusters enter the lab


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In 2002, Clusterbusters was formed to take a pro-active role in researching for a cure for cluster headaches and find new and improved treatments.

Eventually, 6 advocates traveled to Boston and met with the administration of Harvard Medical School and convinced them of the importance of this research and they agreed to undertake the first psychedelic research project at their institution in 40 years.

On Feb 9th, 2004, an agreement was signed to begin research at Harvard University, looking at using psilocybin as a viable treatment option providing results far better than anything currently available.

The first published results from this groundbreaking clinical study of this treatment appeared in the prestigious medical journal Neurology in June of 2006.

This has been an incredibly long and often frustrating process that included the discovery of BOL-148, starts and stops of every fashion, thousands of people finding relief with various new options and an unending determination to push forward past every obstacle. The growth of Clusterbusters into an active and successful advocacy group for the entire community, built with contributions from hundreds of people that refused to let the words “can’t”, or “no” stop them from helping others.

Along the way we have added some incredibly dedicated advocates, we have lost one of our original research team members, Dr. Andrew Sewell, added extraordinary researchers and headache specialists to our team, overcome those that have tried to stop us and will continue to push forward.

Yes, it has taken 14 years but I am both proud and pleased to announce the following:







Adults with chronic cluster headache, age 21 - 65, needed for a research study investigating Psilocybin in the treatment of cluster headache.


ClusterBusters, a non-profit advocacy and education group, is participating in the recruitment of subjects for a pilot study investigating the safety and efficacy of psilocybin in cluster headache. This study is taking place at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine.



Earn $100 per test day. Three test days total.


Call (203) 932-5711, ext. 4335

All calls are confidential



HIC # 1607018057, HSS # DD0063

Biological Studies Unit, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus






A few details of explanation:

1.      This study will require at least 4 visits to the study site, with time between visits which will require needing to be in the area for a while.


2.      Please call during regular business hours (9:00am-4:00pm EST) if possible.


3.      Participants will need to be physician-verified chronic cluster headache sufferers.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone that has worked so hard for all these years to make this happen.


Bob Wold


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i am sorry but I am thoroughly exhausted physically and emotionally with trying to find a way to obtain Psilocybin. I've done two trials myself on producing it, with  nothing but more disappointment.

Where on earth may I obtain it? This question seems to be bottomless and never an answer.  I've had these things for many years and I'm 77; please tll me there's hope.

Feeling alone.

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Depending what country you are from the answer varies substantially.

In the UK you would have to resort to "dark-net marketplaces" which i presume moderators would prefer i didn't expand on in public, as mushrooms were made illegal here back in 2005.

In holland, just pop to your local smart-shop.

There are routes however, a friend has been prescribed both MDMA and Psilocybin by a psychiatrist for micro-dosing to help in depression (mdma) and migraine (Psilocybin) - all supposedly legally - no idea how though.

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I so wish I lived near Connecticut. And I don't normally wish I lived anywhere in America. :/ 

Gail, you might be better off starting a new thread in the Theory and Implementation section, people will have a better chance of seeing your request there. If you live in the UK, PM me and I'll see if I can help in one way or another. 


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I am in pain as I write~~~days in a row of nearly constant ch. I feel as tho I'm being devoured slowly, with no help anywhere. Normally (whatever that is) I'm creative and very active. now I'm being consumed by sumatriptan, which raised my BP and ultimately hospitalized me with kidney failure. Too much benadryl over too long a period time, taken in good faith along with every other thing I've tried. By now my ability to think has been hampered greatly. While I was hospitalized they tried oxygen for me and it did not help. This might as well be 100 years ago as far as help for this unbelievable thing that overtakes me daily now. I don't even know how to make the most of this forum~~ 

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No problem Gail. I am so sorry it is hell right now! Have they checked for look-a-like headaches? It is sounding like that might be a good thing to check. There are several TAC's very similar to CH but they do not respond to O2. I would recommend that you discuss this with your doc. They can get stuck in a grove and lose sight of that aspect. Some are treated with different meds too. 

Do not be concerned about your posts. You are suffering badly and we all get pretty darned scatter brained when that hits us.No matter our age! Age is not a measuring stick here thank heavens. I would be out the door too!  

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Thanks so much for your understanding. I am aware that when I hurt, I don't think very well!! I do respond to O2, and used it in the middle of the night last night.  When I set about a new experiment (daily), sometimes it doesn't go well and I pay a price!! I continually try to find a way to reduce the amount of verapamil lI use, but decided to check my BP yesterday and realized that I needed to remember that too! Too much to remember!! It was very high, so it's back to the V. I take 4 a day, and don't like doing it. Until I reached 70 or so, I was drug free~~and then along came you know what! I detest the idea of drugs, but know that if I choose to remain alive, which is a choice I face often, I will be using them. If you have a better idea, please let me know!! Thanks so much.


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I should add that for the most part I have a great quality of life. I am VERY active and still operate a small business. Maybe if i'd not had such an illness free life I'd be less inclined to whine now! I recently included a new Dr. who  introduced me to the Emgality concept, and the Eli LIlly concept of huge profit, as well as a "helper" who offered to allow me to join their club for a fee and a huge obligation; had to pass on that. Is anyone familiar with the success of that drug for CCHR's? I can't imagine how I could justify paying nearly $5,000 a pop for it. MEANWHILE, life goes on and I feel great right no and have learned that the trick is to really enjoy these times!! Thanks so much!!

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