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Hi all

I just want to clarify before I drop some Dinero today.

Welding Oxygen is safe to use for CH therapy?

We're talking about the oxygen like from an oxy acetylene torch setup? Correct?

I'm looking at Aero All Gas as a supplier.

When I broached this idea with the wife,  she kinda freaked,  so I told her I would ask the pros.

Feedback most appreciated

Here's to hoping for a good day for us all




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G'mornin Bob!

I've been using welding oxygen for 7 years now with no ill effects!  The O2 itself is the same as medical....the difference is that medical tanks are vacuumed prior to refill while welding tanks just get a sniff test.

Just don't let them know that you intend to breathe it!

Dallas Denny 

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Hi all

Just a follow-up

Last week I lived the literal week from hell. I have to go back 12 years to find a time when my headaches were as bad as they were this week. Took forever for the main pain to go away and the ghost hung on for hours.

The only saving grace was the advice on the o2 therapy. All I can say is OMG.

I'm still in shock over how quickly and effectively it works. I used it 4x over the weekend .  Watched the clock when I started on the mask.  Swear....3 minutes and the relief started. Stayed on for the perfunctory 10 - 15 minutes and suddenly life was beautiful.

I actually scheduled an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow to discuss what could only be called crisis management,  but with the o2, the crisis seems to be over.

For anyone interested,  $250 out the door to lease an full 80 cylinder for a year (with tank deposit ) , the regulator from Harbor Freight,  and the non rebreather from Amazon.  $18 for refills.  Best money I ever spent.

BTW I have a cutting torch setup,  so the tank definitely won't go to waste even once this cycle is done.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who offered their support and advice.

I'll continue to keep all of you in my prayers.





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