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Fibromyalgia & Shrooms?

Fast Eddie

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Psychedelics generaly seem to work for many diseases our current pharmaceutical medicine has problem curing.

I would give it a go, after reading that info from Erowid's I would give it a go.

Good luck and keep us updated, I am personally curious what will be outcome for your friend!


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44 minutes ago, Person101 said:

Did a gram and 1/2 of B+ shroom tea yesterday morning . I have been suffering with fibro... And I cant explain it but I feel amazing tody this is the first day in many weeks /months / years that I felt this good. And have felt normal....

In my 20s the day after I tripped I felt like a new man, like my brain reset. Not so much these days but I used to love it. Bigger doses but micro dosing does give you energy and ability to focus.  I would try microdosing 2-3 days a week first. If I saw no change I’d switch to sub recreational doses. Micro 0.2g-0.4g. Sub Rec doses 0.5-1.5G.  Full on psychanaunt dose 3.5-5G...  Never tried or looked into a ketamine infusion but some pain docs say it resets your pain receptors...and could help w depression that usually accompanies FM. MM can have a great effect on mood in my experience. Ketamine oral and nasal as well. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of bad days. But I’m convinced the only reason I’m not walking around praying to die is because of them. 

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As I have observed the long term effects of psychedelic therapy over the past few years along with the significant amount of research and antidotal reports it would not surprise me psilocybin may help.


I would speculate the help comes on two fronts.  1) The classic psychedelics' seem to have neuro regenerative capabilities which hold promise for all sorts of issues like physical trauma and psychic trauma.  There is much to be done in proving this but the data is converging from many different directions which suggests to me it is valid.  2) The classic psychedelics ability to reset the "default neural network" have a profound effect on helping with coping and the emotional baggage physical suffering brings.  Long term conditions like clusters and fibro can at least benefit from this aspect of psychedelic properly utilized.  This is of course, my opinion.


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