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  1. I suspect this one ingredient could and should be isolated for testing on CH. Read Leslies update. It is certainly getting a lot of attention as of late. All the other ingredients have a touch of anti inflammatory abilities or mild hormonal type abilities that may help. The amanu stands out as the biggest possibility for benefit in this concoction.. http://rain-tree.com/anamu.htm#.UyZpEVJOWpo MJ
  2. MJ


    A compilation of CH videos many of us have seen. Number 11 speed painting is wow. http://wn.com/cluster_headache
  3. "do or can the RC seeds affect a CH in progress ? Feb 1st, 2013 at 11:35am " Yes. If one has already dosed with seeds initially within the last few days, you can often abort an attack with just a few powdered seeds sublingually (dissolved under the tongue). Same as a shroom sput.
  4. Hi didgens its been a while since I posted here. There is a difference between a cluster cycle and cluster triggers. Many people have varying triggers sometimes real sometimes imagined that happen during a cycle but wont affect them at any other times. MSG is a big trigger as is alcohol for many in cycle. Most true triggers will involve something to cause a chemical changeup in the body or mind. I think in the long view (years) most triggers people thought they had just weren't so. But there are some constants. A cluster cycle happens for no definitive reasons known but regularity is one key to diagnosis. And yes some CHs are far less frequent and some are back to back for years on end. Your second post is more telling of clusters. Perhaps they may get worse over time or disappear. He's not so different. MJ
  5. MJ

    D3 Survey

    I am a chronic episodic. I decided to try the D3 regimen as a preventive out of cycle. after just 3 days i started having ice pick type hits and regular headaches. at 5 days I experienced a single short cluster and promptly gave up that idea. no headaches after stopping. Never tested for Vita D deficiencies but suspect I get adequate D through sun and sustenance.
  6. "The very fact that lawmakers even have the gall to write, sponsor, introduce, or even hint at supporting such a bill, without fear of losing their elected position or becoming victims of whatever other means the public may have to exact retribution for their treasonous behavior should send a message to every citizen who pays even minor attention to current events. " It is scary what some overly righteous folks think needs doing. I wonder where they come up with feeling the need to mandate us. Its hard to understand, do these people really speak for their constituents, its not like needing new roads or bridges, or even basic health care for those that cant afford it. I would'nt worry too much about it though. When you think of the incredible abilities of our house and senate having passed 124 laws last year where the majority, something like 40%, of those passed were re naming post office branches. At a cost of only a few hundred million And to think we pay them such measly salaries and pensions. maybe this isnt research and scientific news commentary on my part. Its just stupid.
  7. MJ

    A while ago

    yeah suuure he is. hangs out with the tin man. has luminosity written all over you. Hope the cure holds Blake Johnston
  8. If I remember correct the majority of serotonin is created in the gut and for some this may be beneficial. Serotonin being the big player in our affliction. Like all things it can be neutralized or magnified with citric acids[ie; lemonade] which are good for some and a killer for others. Serotonin can be blocked with CBs in the brain and/or the production or travel of serotonin in the gut could maybe be slowed with the use of calcium carbonate an antacid.
  9. I would consider myself negligent in not mentioning the use of CB methods to my doctors. After all if they were to prescribe another drug that may have dangerous consequences mixing with physcedelics, would you feel better or worse in the hospital knowing you and a doc could have avoided problems via simple discussion. I would think it rare that an educated doc would diss us over finding relief. It may not be something they could openly prescribe, but with proper presentation I think a good many docs would show great interest and even learn further. In actuality I suspect far more medical persons are aware of our methods than most would think, thanks to the educational efforts put forth from here . And what better place to start than the cluster busters sites for honest unbiased information and testimonials.
  10. MJ

    Back again

    One of the most important things learned early on for me was not to vary my physical wake time. Never early, never late. OK to go back to bed but I must keep the wake cycle as routine as possible.
  11. MJ

    Back again

    One of the most important things learned early on for me was not to vary my physical wake time. Never early, never late. OK to go back to bed but I must keep the wake cycle as routine as possible.
  12. Bob from one clusterhead to another. THANKYOU for all that you do. MJ
  13. "The fear is gone. It's all about living," she said. "The big stuff? Sheeesh — it's handled." A good read from the LA times. http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-drugs-of-abuse-20111130,0,969113.story
  14. It may be another way of treating the symptoms vs the root cause. Allways good to see new potential options and defensive tools. I am all about busting, though every bit of information and methodology helps in understanding and assaulting our enemy wich is CH. Know your friends. Know your enemies better.
  15. Interesting. makes more sense than DBS. http://www.autonomictechnologies.com/ http://www.autonomictechnologies.com/company/news/071311.html http://www.autonomictechnologies.com/therapy/ati-system/
  16. I would think some results should be seen at 30 RC seeds however small. Only feeling would be a little lethargic feeling Dont worry about the light too much, just maybe keep out of direct sunlight High Chlorine in tap water can kill the good stuff. Luke warm water works best for a fast hydrolysis The seeds should flatten like a pancake with a pair of pliers to assure freshness and not crumble. Its not uncommon to get a batch of seeds grown who knows where with no LSA whatsoever due to age or growing conditions. Has happened a few times with me and the next batch will work with as few as 15 to 30 seeds.
  17. The pain - its like being touched by the finger of god. It is the purest most exquisite pain I have ever known. (in the right mindset). In the wrong mindset, its like the searing heat of hell. Battling all the demons at the gates each clawing at the side of ones head sinking talons deep and not relenting for hours then they rest and attack again and again and again. Nothing compares to high level hits. There really is no way to describe the pain its just hurts really really much. It can be totally all encompassing of thought and action. One can go days without sleep at the worst. After months sometimes years of unrelenting pain God and I come to an understanding. I say is that all you got and he says yeah thats it. How old is FIL sounds like he may have had clusters a while. The greatest help that one can provide is compassion, education and understanding that this is what we can battle every hour on the hour. He has found his way to deal with it most likely and that is to shut out the world while the battle rages. Tell him from this poster that after 32 years of the most extreme CH i have had life returned to me 10 fold with the cluster buster ways. Its been 37 years since I was first afflicted. I still have my go rounds but nowhere near what they were in frequency. Life is better lived than avoided.
  18. See your other thread Jerry I think 2-5 seeds would probably help same as larger doses in busting. No harm should come from trying. Carefully monitored I dont think effectiveness would be lost.
  19. MJ

    Virgin buster

    Ibuprofen or tylenol probably wont hurt the success if you dont take it for several hours before. Less of anything is allways better when busting.
  20. We allmost missed it what with the world allmost ending a few days ago. Glad that didnt happen. Happy bob day Bobs!
  21. MJ

    RC and sleep

    Interesting queries. It seems that most clusterheads do have some sleep issues deficiencies. Not many of us suffer excessive sleeping I'd suspect. For me I gravitate to the late, late hours several weeks in advance of and during a cluster period. My thoughts and I might be wrong. From what little I have read about this, it seems that excess serotonin creates periodic energy bursts or causes whatever neurons to fire within the brain. This seems to cause not an overactive but a light stimulation in the related parts of the brain not the hypothalamus, that may just be a slave chemical creator if you will to other stimuli, causing wakefullness lessening melatonin maybe dopamine production and unchecked, the serotonin continues to grow in strength untill the hypo thing throws the balance completely out of wack. Soon we are in pain. We could take many other pharmaceutical drugs to mask the effect but the whole time in cluster the serotonin stimuli keeps growing stronger just gets further and further off balance. Some can equalize the balance by weight adding melatonin. I cant, the balance scale just gets equally heavier if that makes sense. Instead We take a little hallucinogenic equalizer to block the reception passages of serotonin and soon normality returns as balance comes inline between the chemical production and we begin to get 3, 4 , 5, + hrs sleep. I believe we can overbalance the other direction too wich is basically a high hallucinogenic experience wich causes my clusters to bounce around during busting like a superball. Balance is the key. If one can recognize what or where that balance is in themselves then I would feel confident in very low dose RC as a sleep "correction" method rather than using to induce sleep. May just be that that sleep correction keeps the clusters away. An interesting abstract on that; http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0079612308009291 "Based on electrophysiological, neurochemical and neuropharmacological approaches, it is currently accepted that serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) function to promote waking (W) and to inhibit slow wave sleep (SWS) and/or rapid-eye-movement sleep (REMS). Serotonergic neurons of the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) fire at a steady rate during W, decrease their firing during SWS and virtually cease activity during REMS. On the other hand, DA cells in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc) do not change their mean firing rate across the sleep–wake cycle. It has been proposed that DA cells in the midbrain show a change in temporal pattern rather than firing rate during the sleep–wake cycle. Available evidence tends to indicate that during W and REMS an increase of burst firing activity of DA neurons occurs together with an enhanced release of DA in the VTA, the nucleus accumbens and several forebrain structures. Recently, DA neurons were characterised in the ventral periaqueductal grey matter (VPAG) that express Fos protein during W. Lesioning of these cells resulted in an increase of SWS and REMS, which led to the proposal that VPAG DA neurons may play a role in the promotion of W. Systemic injection of full agonists at postsynaptic 5-HT1A (8-OH-DPAT, flesinoxan), 5-HT1B (CGS 12066B, CP-94,253), 5-HT2A/2C (DOI, DOM) and 5-HT3 (m-chlorophenylbiguanide) receptors increases W and reduces SWS and REMS. " MJ
  22. Cool stuff Guess I havent been here in a while. Its good to know the world will be a wee bit wiser thanks to your unselfish donation of time and efforts Dan. Will the rest of the world accept shitfaced grinning as a proper treatment.. ;D thats what I'm wondering. MJ
  23. MJ


    ket F.A.Q. http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/ket03.htm experiences http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/ket01.htm "Is it worth a try?" That depends on how hard you get hit, how often and how willing. I suspect it may break or transform the pain of a hard attack provided its the pure drug. It has the ability to render all nerves silly useless at big doses and becomes halucinogenic at low doses. Would be hard to determine a proper dose and only experience could say what and if it would help CH. It is fairly short acting so you would need to schedule an attack to know if it helps. On the other hand if it doesnt help I wouldnt want to use it during an attack. I enjoy pure exquisite unadulterated pain more than I do certain drug induced reactions messing with and clouding my pain..
  24. MJ


    Apparently vomiting is not a common issue. It is not a natural reaction but a desired reaction for some. At the extremes of CH pain sometimes it can offer a respite from the pain. Its an extreme action that can counteract the pain of CH or shorten a hit. In other words silly as it sounds its a way to abort an individual attack. Another way to see it is that a large percent of serotonin is actually present in the gut and if as suspected serotonin is the responsible culprit for CH then a natural unknown desire of our bodies would be to rid possible excess serotonin this way. For many years before CBs I would force myself to let go just to shorten the hits when I could barely take it. Maybe it was just something to do.
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