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Cannabis as an abortive- strain specific


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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to the site aside from some light browsing through the last 10 years. I know there's been many discussions about the benefits or non benefits of thc and cbd, but i haven't been able to find one about using specific strains to abort cluster headaches (please point me to it!)

Anyways,  since i live in California i've recently begun experimenting with different cannabis strains during my headaches. Long story short: i noticed that one strain  (Grandaddy Purple) is actually able to stop my headaches almost immediately.  I simply smoke a normal dose as soon as i feel one starting and as soon as the high fully hits (there can be a slight delay) the headache will either disappear or (if i get it early/ fast enough) it won't even get started at all. If i smoke during an ongoing headache it doesn't exactly kill it fast,  but will definitely bring that headache to an end faster than if i let it go unmedicated. 


I have used psilocybin with success in the past to avoid a cycle,  but this is the first "natural" product i've used to actually stop a headache attack. It's hard for me to even believe how well it works. I switched recently from episodic to chronic this year after a car accident but with enough GDP im able to skip through my daily headaches and live a relatively headache free life. I will say, though, that neither this strain nor any others stop the migraines i get,  go figure. 

I have tried to use a concentrate cartridge of the GDP strain but it was not nearly as effective as when its smoked. It acted more like any other strain would- slightly lowered pain level. 

So I'm no expert,  but i know i've found many a suggestion in these forums that's brought me relief and comfort,  so hopefully this can help someone. I'd love to know how one particular cannabis strain could possibly contain the magical ingredient to stop my monster when another strain with minor differences would have no effect? And why cannabis at all? 

Would love to hear your thoughts- and suggestions! Think i should experiment with other strains or smoking methods? Heck im curious myself. Let me know,  maybe we'll learn something together. 



And please Find me on instagram- I'm trying to connect more to cluster busters on social media, it's lonely out there guys


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Hi kendrra..welcome to the family!

Over the years MJ has gone from a "oh no never" to lately some folks reporting it helping....in various forms. I thinks it's a combo of the differences between folks who have the same damn thing NOT responding to the same treatment....and the decided lack of studies re cannabis. It just aint all the same stuff. I think the only way you are going to be able to tell is exactly as you described...experiment.  And then please let us know......sometimes clusterville is all we got...…….



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Very interesting topic.  I have experimented with cannabis to abort, without much success.  I am a daily MJ user, so I am not sure if that has any bearing in it, but I feel that it's more of a trigger for me than a relief.  I will look for GDP to experiment with that theory.   


Hang in there, one day at a time.

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It’s definately not a trigger for me.  I like it for the period after the attack breaks.  I’ve been experimenting with edibles using the magic butter machine. A good strong cookie dulls the pain. But you have to time it perfectly.  Cookie kicks in in 45 min-1 1/2hr. So if you get hit the same time every day you can time it. When I got attacks pre busting I would get hit every night between 7-8pm and the cookies helped. It was Girl Scout cookies. 

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