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hi guys. questions


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I have not been hit that hard under treatment but I hear that it can happen. I have gotten little hits that can be helped with 5hr energy drink. as far as the D3 treatment goes, yes I still get hit with clusters in the upper Kip scale from time to time but not nearly as often as without taking it. 

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Update. Dosed without o2 for post dose hits yesterday. Shadows and hits all day before dosing. About 5:30pm I started to feel the effects of treatment. An upset stomach from the vitimins but no sign of the demon. Nice to be pain free for more than three hours and I never realized how funny the song My Sharona can be. Started wearing off about 11pm and I could feel the shadows start to return. Finally fell asleep about 2 until a Kip 3 woke me about 8:30 but only lasted 5 minutes. Fell back asleep for about an hour and caught another 3, again, only about 5 minutes. Tried to stay awake but couldn"t. Slept till about 11 and got nailed with a 6 for about 2 hours. Since then the only pain was a soreness behind my eye but no throbing or pain anywhere else in my face. Currently I am feeling weak shadows and haven't had my aftrenoon dance. Looks good so far but the demon is a tricky one so I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you all for being here. PFDAN

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