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Liver and busting


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Hi all,


I just wanted to get you thoughts on the consequence of busting (seeds or shrooms) for our liver. Do we know what are the consequences? Any cases so far that have increased concern with this regard? Do any of you experience liver pain (not severe) after a busting dose? 

Thanks a lot in advance 

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psilocybin is mostly metabolized in the liver so any other drugs or foods that use the same enzyme system can influence the drug half life and duration of action.  As far as direct toxicity to the liver there is no known problems from the cubensis species.  Amanita species are very hepatotoxic and can be confused with psilocybin species by underinformed people.  The pharmacology of psilocybin is pretty well defined and you would have to eat  the equivalent of 10 pounds of mushrooms to approach toxic doses.  In general mushroom foraging is best left to an expert.  As a side note some of the wood loving species containing psilocybin  (psilocybe Azurescensdescribed by Stamets have been reported to cause a temporary paralysis but the mechanism is poorly understood.

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