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I have been having these headaches for about 18 years. I have been to many doctors and done many tests and i keep getting the same answer. They say nothing is wrong with me. I thought after these last few weeks I was going crazy. Its such a relief to know that I'm not the only person with these symptoms. These headaches have brought me to my hands and knees begging the big man to please make it stop. I cant thank everyone enough for this site.

Does anyone know of anything I can take that's over the counter that at least curbs it so I can get some sleep. There is also one thing that I have that I have not seen in any topics. My scalp continues to tingle hours or even days after the attacks. Does anyone else have this?

Thank you all so much


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Oxygen, energy drinks, RC seeds. There're lots of things that you can do to help yourself. Lots of information here to help you. Please start with the ClusterBuster Files, the bottom category on the 1st page of the forum. Read the 1st topic "Clusterbuster Files" by Lee_Ann first thing.

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Welcome Chad!  Most, not all, doctors are just clueless!  I think it took 15 or so years before I was correctly told what I had.  I have found more info and help here than any doctor.  Sorry, but true. 

These headaches have brought me to my hands and knees begging the big man to please make it stop.

Yep, your one of us.   :(  So glad you found this place!  Energy drinks do seem to help the lower level ones, also Ginger has helped mine during daytime attacks.  I have read on here people mentioning scalp sensitivity.  I personally dont experience it but it does exists.  Anyway, welcome to the family! 


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Welcome. And your not crazy!These will bring you down , but that's over now. You found the right place. the info here will help like nothing you have yet tried. It works, I was on the edge literally, cluster-busters brought me back and now I'm able to function and have my life back.                      READ READ READ. Info is your friend ,ask if your not sure. the best group of people you will ever meet, are right here! And they are willing to help anyway they can.I need to add ,I will too....... pain free  wishes!!   o2 saves me for the night attacks. most of the time. knocks it down from a 4-5 hr attack to a 20 min attack

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Welcome to you :)

The feeling you get when dos tells you that nothing is wrong over and over and over again, that is true frustration. 18 years, that is a long time. You must be exhausted. But your life can really change now, knowing your not alone helps allot as well. The first time i talked to another person having CH, i started to cry. He told me he understood it all, that was such a relief, because i wasn`t crazy and not alone in the world.

About the sensation you get hours after having an attack, i think i know what you mean. I think it`s the nerves that give these sensations. I think there are people in here that knows more about it than i do, that may answer this more correctly :)

Have you tried Magnesium and Co-enzym Q10 to improve your sleep?

Just ask if you want to ask :)

Pain Free wishes from me :)

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I do have a question about the seeds. I drive for a living and have to take drug test. I don't do drugs, so will the seeds show up on a test?

The short answer is no.

Unless you work for the DEA or in some other capacity that would be sensitive to 'all drugs', it is far too costly for companies to test for hallucinogens.

Are you a truck driver?  If so, I can tell you from personal experience that you have nothing to worry about for the reason listed above.


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Hi Chabbio.

The consensus on this board is that mushrooms or seeds will change your life. It SAVED mine.

I suggest try mushroom if you can get hold of some. They are illegal but so is carrying wire cutters in Texas. (not the same punishment, I'm sure)

18 years...My heart goes out to you; you are tuffer than I.

Best wishes


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