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Ear Infections and Cluster Headaches

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Hi all, Bryan here, I've posted a few times in the past.  I always check in on this board when I'm in a cycle, and it's always helpful and comforting to have this as a resource.  Just started a cycle this week, here's to hoping it's not a long one . . .

Anyway, I had a thought. Has there been any studies that have hypothesised a link between CH and ear infections?  I can remember getting a few very bad ear infections as a child. Got me thinking, perhaps an ear infection is what onset, or allowed the potential for my CH? I know it's mostly agreed upon that there's a link between CH and the hypothalamus. Looks like the hypothalamus is in the region of the ear, perhaps an ear infection could migrate to the hypothalamus, or put some kind of preassure on the region that causes an abnormality in the hypothalamus?

Also, might explain why some are left side affected, and others are right side . . . depending on what ear was infected. I know some people alternate sides , ect, , but it seems to somehow fit the theory. 

I did a bit of digging in the internet and didn't find anything. Anyone come across anything?

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It was left side infection and I get left side CH. I'm also a left hander...

I do love to figure out things though. Def. possible for us.

I have a full bust report coming soon with more details of my findings.

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I had a terrible ear pain during Halloween night of 1963. I remember crying and hanging on to my bag of candy. I think it was sinus related and we moved to England 6 months later. I never had any kind of problem over there.

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