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More than 12 mg Imitrex in 24 hours

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Hey Scott, I lived on Imitrex injections and verapamil for years. Routinely 2 to 4 inj. a day, as high as 6/day. During one particularly bad cycle I used over 100 in 5 weeks (that got the attention of my neuro). This was my only means to get thru work, and keep my sanity. I also knew I could not keep that regiment up.

Since finding CB, my Trex use is minimal, maybe 1 to 6 times per cycle(desperate times require desperate measures), my cycles were about 16 weeks, now they are about 12 using O2, D3, and busting.


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You have to be careful with imitrex as it is a potentate vasoconstrictor.  Getting it in vials or dividing autoinjector doses can help limit the total dose.  Depending on your cardiac health you should tolerate a couple of doses a day.  If you have underlying high blood pressure or heart disease caution is strongly advised.  Cardiac events have been reported after using Imitrex but in general the risk has been overblown.  The larger concern in my opinion is getting rebound headaches which are equally no fun when compared to clusters themselves.  You also risk fairly profound gi distress from vasoconstriction if overused.   Hopefully you can limit imitrex exposure by reducing doses and using oxygen

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Thanks for all the info I just started getting these again two weeks ago I am 48 years old I went 18 years since 2002 without one and out of the blue here they come again I've been suffering since I was 13 years old I have about 15 shots but I held onto from 2002 not sure if they're any good but I still have them I just could not get rid of them

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im 60 years old, chronic CH more than 22 year.

I am using imitrex injections for more than 16 years, and During my worst times i used up to 5-6 injections in 24 hours! Not once..

im still alive...

As i keep full records for many years (on xls.) of every CH attack I had, i can tell you that some years sum up with 600-700 injections.

my health insurance allowing me  30 kits per month!
Iam also using frednison tablets in cycles, iam starting with 100-120 mg for 2 days, than droping 20 mg per day. I know it is not recommended but it used to reduce number of CH attack per day,







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hi Amos...welcome!

...well...yikes...i can't imagine you DON'T have rebounds...so i'll ask first: have you tried/considered alternating different triptan like Zomig nasal spray (separated by 24 hrs)....effective for some..

....OXYGEN ??!!...if you've tried we need to know how (source/flow/mask/technique)?...life changing in my case....

....how about the D3 regimen.....cheap, easy, beneficial beyond ch, high success rate...eliminates the other meds...

...then, of course, there is busting.....



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