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Anyone else having this oxygen issue?

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Have had primarily episodic CH for 20 plus years.

oxygen has been a highly successful abort for me, even at just a 6 or 8 flow with nasal cannula.

lately, unfortunately seem to moving closer to chronic.  Here is my question for my fellow sufferers:

the nasal cannula now seems to “ burn” the right nostril/ sinus when taking oxygen, causing the oxygen to be painful and less effective.

has anyone experienced this?

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I do notice my cluster side nostril is much more sensitive then the non cluster side to the point that if I rub my nose sometimes it can trigger an attack. Try moving from the nasal cannula to a mask that covers your nose and mouth. A non rebreather type mask works best for most eliminating the outside air from mixing with your fresh oxygen. 

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Get the cluster O2 kit as advised above. If you are a CH sufferer and respond to oxygen that is one of the best purchases you can make.

Breathing through the O2 kit is much more laborious than a normal mask so you have to breath with your mouth for a good effect. If breathing through the nose, the oxygen in the tank is too dry. You must add a humidifier (its a small tank of distillate water where the O2 is bubbling up) to eliminate that problem. 

But no need for that with the O2 mask as breathing through the mouth is the better option.


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With the O2 Cluster Mask, you will receive a mask and a tube. The tube is used by those who cannot take the pressure of the mask on their face during a hit. The tube, you stick in your mouth and inhale through your mouth and exhale through your mouth or nose. 

Just make sure you are inhaling strictly O2 - through the mask or tube. No outside air in at all! Pure O2 is the best way to kill a hit. That is why a concentrator does not work well. It is not pure O2.  

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