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One more step on a path to legal availability of psychedelics

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I'm not   versed personally in that material but from all I have read 50-100 mcg is the most common dosing in the recreational crowd.  The material itself is very safe from a phisiological perspective so some use larger doses but I believe there are diminishing returns beyond 200 mcg.


The data I have reviewed regarding microdosing reports using 10% of a recreational dose spaced out 4-7 days.  So 10 -20 mcg would be the established "microdose".  From what I gather folks dilute the material in a dropper style bottle and administer it under the tongue.  Obviously a trusted source is required which is the biggest obstacle.   

The sponsor of the study (Beckley Foundation) is a powerhouse of research funding and support worldwide for sensible psychedelic research and use.  They pair closely with MAPS on a lot of things but are independent.  A   wealthy heiress provides the base funds.



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