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Hey everyone! I just bought these at Trader Joe’s the other day and they really helped my shadows yesterday along with some ginger tea. I had coffee against my better judgement and had a very strong shadow for about 6-8 hours! This helped a lot 



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Good to hear this works ! As said above, these are anti-inflammatory and can provide a good help in combating headaches

Sometimes I cook fresh ginger in a cup of water (like a tea) and drink it. It is very spicy !

For tumeric, best is to have a high quality tumeric powder and add a spoon to a cup of hot milk + a bit black pepper.

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Hi, newbie here. Just wanted to give my 2 cents, I have yet to try busting but so far I have found ginger tea has helped enormously for 'shadows' - it almost completely eliminated the lasting headache after an attack. It seems to be helping reduce the pain during a spike too, which for me is usually a slow ramp up from 5/10 pain to 7/10 pain over the course of about 3 hours. 


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