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Skipping indocin -> not a good idea !

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Hello friends,

I usually take 2-3 days/week indomethacin to combat my CPH. Somewhere between 50 and 150 mg per day. 

With this regimen, I haven't had an attack since July (I then ended up in the ER because I skipped it) and it feels weird. Previous week, I started to believe it was really gone and was in for an experiment - no indocin this weekend...

Well it didn't end well. Friday was OK but in the evening I felt something I recognized from in the past. Saturday morning 8 am attacks came in full force, 7-10 min per unit and after an hour I had already 3. Incredible pain like someone smashed a hammer in my eye. I then decided it was time to end my 'experiment' and took 100 mg indocin and bridged the time to get it working with an imitrex injection.

Indocin stops my headaches but unfortunately it is not good for the gut. Pain in stomach and bowels is unbelievable and with a stomach protector, it does not make much of a difference. It's a matter of balance and always take the lowest possible doses.


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Hey Siegfried,

CPH responds to vitamin D3 at higher 25(OH)D3 serum concentrations when accompanied with other anti-inflammatory agents.  Please shoot me a PM with your contact data so I can send you a copy of the latest version of the anti-inflammatory regimen treatment protocol.

Take care,

V/R, Batch

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