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Halyard mini stim

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I’ve been episodic for 14 years. Been micro dosing shrooms for the last 8. Been very helpful. Doesn’t eliminate my cycle but changes it. They have been shorter cycles since the regimen began. I’m 4 weeks typically now instead of 6-8 weeks that I was for 7 years before I discovered this wonderful website. My cycle started 2 weeks ago. Normal pattern.  Soon as I go into rem I awake to a kip 5. That’s how they usually start. Then they come before I fall asleep and increase in intensity. Strong coffee and ice is my go to. If I’m lucky I can abort before they grab hold. It’s hit and miss. I was at my chiro when they started. He’s a functional neurologist. He wanted to try stimulating my trigeminal nerve with a mini stim. It pulses like a small electric shock. I start on my tongue 15 seconds. Then my eyebrow. Then my temple. All 15 seconds. I do 3 rotations. At 5:30. Then again before sleep. Zero attacks. I can even enjoy a few scotches at night. Cycle is still here. I’ve woken up and feel it starting and do a few rotations with the stim. It stops it every time. Wondering if anyone out there has tried this? Game changer for me.  Props to Dr Jeremy Husk at the Georgia chiropractic neurology Centre!

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The Haylard stimulator is designed for determining the amount of skeletal muscle paralysis during general anesthesia and to help determine proper needle placement during certain procedures.   Basically it is a diagnostic tool.  Any use in therapeutics would be " off label" and the frequencies generated are generally not regarded as therapeutic.   I suspicion because it makes muscles twitch one gets the impression it is doing something but there is no data supporting therapeutic efficacy.  The device has been around a long time and I'd think if it had recognized benefit there would be some reports in the medical literature.  


I am glad you are having a positive experience\results It will be interesting to see if its sustainable.


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