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Anti-inflammatory effects of psychedelics ?

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On 10/21/2020 at 6:24 AM, Eleusinia said:

Did they discuss how often it needs to be taken in order to benefit?

I have very limited understanding for the scientific side but I thought this might explain why busting (that we do) is beneficial for many for such long periods of time. And then needs to be done again when inflammation reaches the certain point again and again unless something is changed permanently in diet etc.

I'm not certain what you're asking though :rolleyes:

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I think the point of the article is in their model anti-inflammatory properties were noted in a non psychoactive component of certain psychedelic drugs.  The mechanism for the that property is still being investigated.  Personally I suspicion there is an "entourage effect" to all the interventions many find helpful.  Somehow the presence  of certain substances has an stronger effect than a single substance alone.  If you think about it, n=most of the treatments we find helpful are generally found to help reduce inflammation: D3, antihistamines & Steroids come to mind.  Whatever triggers the inflammation starts the cascade which results in misery.Of course this becomes complicated because of all the other factors to consider.  In the end we do what we think works explaination be damned.  Rest assured it won't be something simplistic or easily treated by existing knowledge.  Much work to be done.

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