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Left pain on upper jaw

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My circle seem to have started. This time as headache goes away, the pain leaves through the upper jaw, behind the head on right neck areas.

Eventually all will go away. Is it common to have pain on upper jaw as headache progressively goes away. Upper jaw like tooth pain also goes away in one to two hours. I normally have 20-30 mins of excruciating pain. 

I am using visograin as treatment when my circle begins. Sometimes I have to take sleeping pills as I go to bed to avoid the headache during the night. I have relief but not all the time. 

Anyone with this experience kindly help.  

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Dogo, the first thing you want is oxygen to treat your attacks.  And you probably want to start the Vitamin D3 protocol that has helped many people.  

There's a lot of information in this post, but I think it would be good for you to read it over: click here.

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..hi Dogo..welcome!

....google an image for trigeminal nerve...any and all areas it serves may hurt before, during, and/or after...my oddest aftereffect was that my hair hurt....and i'm mostly bald...

...i'll second chfather's oxygen suggestion....and supplementing with energy drinks or a strong caffeine drink FAST at first sign of a hit helps many..

...note that vasograin contains caffeine so that helps...but it may be affecting sleep and a need for sleep aid...have you and your physician discussed melatonin...many find it helps with night time hits...



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Dogo, I have the same type feeling in my upper jaw almost every hit. I actually started all this fun thinking I had a toothache and had root canal work done on a tooth that did not need it only to find out from the next dentist that I had clusters. 

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Thanks for sharing, I wanted to see the dentist but again I couldn't find a reason why, when the headache goes away.  

I am just worried if I have started my cycle. Last year it was on Christmas and had to have oxygen in hospital and did CT scan couldn't detect anything. 

Yesterday night I had an attack and stretched my neck to the left just to release pressure on right side of neck and head. I think it worked and attack was very mild, later I lied straight on the floor and it was subsiding. Just to share this first experience may be it can help.

Few attacks few days ago were unbearable. I am trying to find anything to help just to find stretching a neck helped a bit.  If it comes again, will try stretching it again see if it can work.  

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I will also stretch my neck out from side to side sometimes rubbing a ice pack on it. I don't know if it is just a distraction that I needed to cause relief or if it actually help, I don't care either way as long as the pain goes away! haha

As far as the toothache goes, The way it was explained to me if your tooth had an issue you would feel that pain or pressure all day every day until it was taken care of, if it comes and goes most times like clock work the same times every day then it is cluster. 

But I am no doctor, I am just some guy having to much fun playing the cluster game.

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Actor, not a real sufferer? That was funny FunTimes. :lol:

Jon is correct on the trigeminal nerve. It serves that whole side of your face, head, etc. Some have more pain on the upper teeth and some with the bottom. 

I think that many of us massage or rub our necks with a hit. Either before or after for me. If my neck begins to hurt, likely I am going to get hit. 

I really hope that you can get O2 set up at home for your hits. It is amazing at killing a hit. Push for it!!



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Dogo, you are playing around the edges of your CH.  Get/do the stuff that works: oxygen, D3 protocol, energy shots . . . and plenty of other options.  Whatever doctor prescribed the vasograin had a very limited understanding of CH.  I suggest again that you click on the word here and read the file that comes up.

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