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Searching for a ROOT cause for CH, wanna help?

Mike from ORK

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I've recently been doing some research of healthy living and started taking a purified version of fulvic acid/humic acid. I started my cycle about 7 weeks ago after a nice long break of nearly 3 years with small busted cycin between with D3 regimen and MM...not working this time despite multiple 3 1/2g doses of MM and regular D3 protocol supplementation. sigh.
So I started reading on "parasites", because that is a part of my cleanse. I am in a fulvic group on Facebook and came across a lady who had accidentally snorted a line or 2 of fulvic care and out came a critter I have been researching for a few weeks called Linguatula Serrata, a pentasomid parasite. [ You are more likely to get it if you eat wild game or if you have a dog that eats infected Cervidae/Bovidae (deer, cows, sheep and many other ruminants - cud chewers)poop. Eggs are tiny and can get into humans through GI tract and migrate to naso-pharyngeal pathways. (Ears, nose, throat, sinus cavities, etc) ](taken from my post so I don't have to re-type it). I will post a few links for your viewing pleasure/disgust...after some digging I am becoming more and more convinced that these little fokers are the culprits for our condition....there MUST be a cause for all of this useless pain!!!
They infect ALL of my typical hotspots, behind the ear, my neck, sinuses (pain and mucous), and have even seen them come out of an eye in a video...horrifying!!
This might be the culprit my friends. 
I am aware of the mass skepticism in this crowd, so either help or stay out of the way, I'm only positing this as a potential ROOT cause for this blasphemous condition we all suffer from. I'll be setting up a CT scan to have a deliberate look for these kinds of invaders, they get quite large and shouldn't be too hard to spot if we are actually looking for them. Let's hope there is some light at the end of this tunnel! <3
Kind regards,

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This is the pic of the one in a persons eyeball.
Maybe that has something to do with ocular pain, these things have hooks they use to hold on while they feed on Blood and mucous, etc. 
Let's have a concerted look for these things, maybe they are responsible, maybe they aren't...but judging by where these little assholes live, it points in the right direction. 1459824146_eyeinfestation-3.png.c845b007fe686e427be5962e37229eaf.png

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