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Anyone know of a DME supplier in Northern Va that provides M tanks for cluster headache treatment?


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...yeah, great ask!

i used Lincare (WA) for many years ....they initially did not carry M tanks and were none too interested in doing so (my guess that the cost of inventory, storage space, supply of tanks/regs, training, and just plain ignorance of need all potential reasons...they never would say). But, i asked so many times that the need was known, and one time they surprised on arrival at the O2 shop with a couple just for me....and the tech "loaned" me the proper regulator.  Took a while, no guarantees ....but for the sake of clusterheads down the line, asking for M's can help spur motivation to supply. Econ 101 (the last one i ever took) "supply evolves to meet demand"....

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My daughter got an M tank and good service from a DC-area Lincare office.  I don't remember which one.  It was quite a few years ago now, and we had to educate the office manager and respiratory therapist about CH (at first they had provided an e-tank and cannula), so I can't say for sure (even if I knew which office) that you would still get that kind of responsiveness.

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