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Owsley Stanley R.I.P.

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Wow. RIP Owsley. I do have a tape from the April 26 show at the Filmore East from 1971. It has Duane Allman as a guest. Best version of "Good Lovin" ever! I wonder if he did the sound for that show. Wish I had been around to partake in his wares. Say hi to Jerry for me Owsley.

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ahhhh yes  some deadheads on this forum... Im only 28 but Ive seen some things. No never caught the dead, which doesnt matter, they were pretty rough throughout the 90's and late 80's   post jerry coma anyway

any of you guys dabble in phish at all.... Im at like 80 shows and counting.... Maybe my ahem years of phishing and going to other shows kept me away from CH as well.... Or maybe, did you guys ever think we did this to ourselves? 

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...did you guys ever think we did this to ourselves?

Seems unlikely to me.

I've seen reports though of those who had their CH go into remission during their years of "recreational" hallucinogen use, only to realize when it came back afterwards that is was likely the hallucinogens that had kept the CH at bay.

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oh right.... I discovered this board second... Im JoshL924 on the other board. I guess I neglected to post in the getting to know you

Im 28. Im a grad student, My first ever cycle began in early to mid feb. The other board was a godsend and helped me alot initially...  I ran the gamut, oxygen imitrex, zomig... occipiital nerve block...

I did a 10 day taper of prednisone and other than shadows that are almost constant and eventhough they arent as bad as a ch I still am pretty immobilized in what I need to do... its hard to study and go to class when you feel like your head is in a vice or just a very light CH... and all the docs say to me about that is "better than a headache right?"...... great, thats just what I want to hear when I tell someone I can preform the functions that I need to in order to yknow.... graduate, get a job, actually be able to work at said job.

Im a huge music guy. I play guitar and bass  although I havent picked up either in 5-6 weeks due to the ch. I just have no desire to since the CH began.... love going to shows. seen lots of phil (you guys like the Phil quintet, I thought in alot of ways that band hand stuff over the dead and I meand GD... yea I said it)

I was pretty excited to find people with CH that also like the dead etc....

I havent tried any of the busting methods of this board quite yet becuase.... well.... I have my reasons.

so there ya go....

anything else you guys would like to know....

I wrote a whole summary of everything I have been through up till now and its on the other board.... where I describe my hits lengeth severity pattern..... etc... Ill post it here in the getting to know ya area later on....

let the words be yours Im done with mine

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Hey Josh-

I took the time to check your posts on ch.com and I can see that you're on the right track to getting a handle on the MOFO. We all have been down the same trail, in one way or another, and I'm sure that you ARE getting sympathy from your new 'family'.

First thing is: do NOT panic. This affliction will not kill you, although it seems like it. There are things that will help you and others that won't.

Oxygen, properly used, is one of the best; has the least side effects, is cheaper, and ..well, just educate yourself with the tools available here and elsewhere.

You have, since February when it seems the MOFO entered your life, taken many of the (mostly ineffective) drugs available. Be careful, because a lot of that stuff will empty your pocket and not really fix the problem.

I'm pretty sure that what you will learn here will help you more than anything else. YOU have to take control. We are not victims, but it's hard to believe that when it hurts so bad.

Again, welcome to the bus, sorry you are here, but I'm sure the way off is not many stops ahead.

best, Steve(n4h)

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Yea... like I said, no major hits in 9 or so days likely from the prednisone which btw in high doses makes you hallucinate slightly... makes colors more vivid... I joked with my friend that I was in the Predni zone

I actualy bought a good mask but am having trouble hooking it up (not to the tank but itself mind you) , there werent any instructions and I am terrible at fiddiling with little things (I know that sounds weird)

yea... everything has had some effect. Gavapentin seemed to get rid of night hits which were really just the worst becuase for me lack of sleep is big trigger, but how can I get sleep if I was getting night hits right???, nerve block helped my neck which was really killing me, the vicodin helps the constant shadow more than any over the counter but I use it sparingly, so I would say the opposite and that everything I have been prescribed has done something.

Bottom line. until we know what causes it we wont be able to treat it. Sure... people have had luck with the busting methods here but we dont know what it is doing and why.

But as I said I have almost a constant shadow or light CH. It kinda goes away if I take migralex or advil or vicodin, but it cant be good for me to be taking that much advil and aspirin every day...

Im hoping that it just sort of goes away.... but I dont know.

I also supppose there could be some mental aspect to the constant shadow, but then your just going to drive yourslef crazy.

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This could be my favorite hang out. Grateful Dead fans and cluster help.

No, we did not do this to ourselves.

I have stopped trying to find out why. It is what it is. I spent a lot of years wondering and it was a waste of time.

Just find your treatment and don't look back.   Leslie

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Hey Cassidy,

I used a line from your namesake in earlier post... that song has so many great lines....

my cousin said the second set last night in Boca was hot and he's your guy's age range toured with the dead, has a great story of meeting jerry a few times and hanging with the whole band.. Someday Ill relay it.. its pretty funny.

I think they actually went   H2H>Lovelight, china rider scarlet eyes

Id have played the fire after the eyes instead of gdtrfb but thats just me

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:) That song and many others  has helped me thru some very hard times. Actually the list is endless.

It is special to share the times and emotions. Sad that the fans took a different direction, towards then end, before Jerry died. "Times they were a changin."   later  Leslie         

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I listened to particularly beautiful version of comes a time on a cold rainy (not pouring) when I was heaving a headache. I had also had one that night and was on very little sleep....so I took the beast for a big ole walk... I just had my headphones on no umbrella bc the rain and air felt great on my head

"Been walking all morning went walking all night

I can't see much difference between the dark and light

And I feel the wind And I taste the rain

Never in my mind to cause so much pain"

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