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    Sorry for my absence!

    Sorry to hear ya got The Weird Flu (still) but glad that we made contact during the AustinCon. Did ya ever get those stretchy socks? ( NOT FOR CRANIAL USE--KEEP HANDS INSIDE THE CAR...etc )
  2. Not4Hire

    Sad News

    So sad to hear this valuable man has passed. Condolences to his family (which includes all of US) and I'm sure you're correct, Bob, about the availability of the product he helped so many to use to such great effect. He will be missed and remembered. Fly free, Pink--hope we see ya on the beach... ------------------ Edit to add part of an email I got from Pink back in '02: The only reason I came to this board was to try to find something that would STOP THESE HEADACHES. I was NOT looking for sympathy, or jokes, or inspirational messages. I was NOT looking for a place to vent my frustrations at incompetent doctors, or to tell others how this hideous disease has hurt me financially, physically and emotionally, or what it has done to my relationships. I'm not good at that touchy-feely stuff, I never have been. There are many others who post here who are much better at that kind of thing than I ever will be, and I know that their posts are valuable to hundreds or even thousands of readers. So, what can pinksharkmark do to give back something of value? I figure the best thanks I can give to DJ and his site is to spread the word about the magic bullet. I have left behind me a trail of posts addressing the legal issues, a likely theory of how it works, tips on identification, dosage, storage and cultivation, links to sites that provide spores, links to sites that detail the chemical similarities between psilocybin and serotonin, links to posts regarding a clinical research project in the planning stages, and even a post or two on my own cultivating experiences over twenty years ago. I think that I have done enough. I think that Flash has done enough. I thank Q and Graham and Stavi for sticking around and giving us progress reports. As Flash pointed out, many others didn't. They took their mushrooms, their headaches stopped, and they vanished from the board. Do I blame them? Not at all. They came here looking for relief, they found it, they reported their success, and then got on with their lives. It's time for me to do the same. on 7/4/02
  3. Not4Hire

    Headache by Jake Fried

    Here's a link to a Vimeo artist that I originally found on gizmodo.com. [ http://gizmodo.com/5973455/this-trippy-animation-was-made-from-nothing-but-coffee-white+out-and-ink ] That lead me to this: http://vimeo.com/28815014 The last 10 seconds will probably be controversial, but hits home...
  4. Not4Hire

    Ricardo's Psychedelic Head Pain

    It's all good...just keep it in perspective. “When you find youself in a hole - stop digging.” [ch8213] Will Rogers 8-)
  5. Not4Hire

    Cluster Buster Conference roll call!!

    "but you cannot leave..." (I couldn't resist either... 8-) )
  6. Not4Hire

    cost of imitrex

    Yes, it's possible "they" would be so cold--the truth is obscene--how much Big Pharm *fox* over the American Public. Ya 'spose their lobbyists have anything to do with medical insurance reform? Ya have ANY idea how many congressmen/persons are in their pocket? Brew has it right: get off that crap as soon as possible--it's worse than heroin for dependance--and as bad as alcohol for triggering CH. Longest bout of my life was when I was using 'trex. And that slimy, greasy rush (that makes it stop hurting [smiley=undecided.gif] ) makes my skin crawl as I write this...
  7. Not4Hire

    Psychedelic Medicine (Book)

    Hi Michael, While I'm not familiar with the book, here's a review by Erowid: http://www.erowid.org/library/review/review.php?p=264 and a better price: (for US buyers)Â Â :-/ http://www.abc-clio.com/product.aspx?id=57108 Maybe you can get a US friend to help you out... I see that it was published in 2007--the research is moving quickly forward so it may be a bit dated. Good luck, Steve
  8. Not4Hire

    I'm just sayin'...

    and I have no comment....yet. http://gizmodo.com/5807416/the-underground-website-where-you-can-buy-any-drug-imaginable edit to say: I think I have my evening's entertainment cut out for me... 8-)
  9. Not4Hire

    a potential new option

    No[highlight],[/highlight](add comma) firemen [highlight]DO SO[/highlight] have o2. ...fixed it for ya 8-) modify to add: Oxygen is not an accelerant to fire, like gasoline, but is one corner of the fire triangle, i.e. oxygen-fuel-heat. That said, firemen don't take pure o2 into a fire. They do have o2 available as part of the EMT gear.
  10. Not4Hire

    Relationship medicine

    What a curiously closed-minded thing to say, especially from someone who professes to be educated...
  11. Not4Hire

    tune for you

    First liar don't have a chance-- :Â but this was my first: my buddy, Jack gave me a small orange pill and Yes, we dancedÂ
  12. Not4Hire

    Owsley Stanley R.I.P.

    Hey Josh- I took the time to check your posts on ch.com and I can see that you're on the right track to getting a handle on the MOFO. We all have been down the same trail, in one way or another, and I'm sure that you ARE getting sympathy from your new 'family'. First thing is: do NOT panic. This affliction will not kill you, although it seems like it. There are things that will help you and others that won't. Oxygen, properly used, is one of the best; has the least side effects, is cheaper, and ..well, just educate yourself with the tools available here and elsewhere. You have, since February when it seems the MOFO entered your life, taken many of the (mostly ineffective) drugs available. Be careful, because a lot of that stuff will empty your pocket and not really fix the problem. I'm pretty sure that what you will learn here will help you more than anything else. YOU have to take control. We are not victims, but it's hard to believe that when it hurts so bad. Again, welcome to the bus, sorry you are here, but I'm sure the way off is not many stops ahead. best, Steve(n4h)
  13. Not4Hire

    Owsley Stanley R.I.P.

    I can appreciate your wanting to go to PM for "further" talk, but first, tell us some more about you and your CH. All we know so far is your age and music preference. Welcome to the bus, sorry you are here... Steve
  14. Not4Hire

    Owsley Stanley R.I.P.

    His "wares" probably saved me from developing CH a lot earlier than it did. I named my dog Owsley for him back in the day. They'll probably meet up for a frisbee... [smiley=engel017.gif]
  15. Thank you, tommyD, for an important contribution to this work. This is the kind of information that we should all point to when trying to spread the word. I know how much work it took to put this together and you should be proud. best regards, N4H (Steve Lichens)