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    Tony Only


    Last night I had two wake up calls and the possible attacks had developed so far that I had my O2 ready and mask attached. This is the worst for me in over 3 years (so on the other hand, life's been really easy). Liquorice root was enough to turn both developing attacks back though. I have been thinking about this a lot. The connection between smoking and cluster headaches is obvious in my case, I have smoked regular cigarettes 4 times (1-2 days at a time) in the last 2 years and each time this kind of night has followed. (I know, how stupid can one be) I have been wondering why electronical cigarettes do not have the same effect. At the moment I am pretty much convinced that in my case the reason is acetaldehyde. I have been thinking about it for 3 years. It's effects also apply on my case to alcohol and different kinds of alcohol. There is also acetaldehyde in food we eat and sugar is a good (evil) friend of it. Different kind of medical or health conditions make some people to be more at risk, in my case playing a major role in cluster headaches. Although this is just my belief, it could explain well the smoking & alcohol connection but also why people who don't smoke or drink - or even never have - get cluster headaches. To me it explains a lot why oxygen works. Maybe I have learned my lesson from this 4th time. (I just copy/pasted my Facebook post here since not everyone is using Facebook)