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  1. I have had several emails thanking me today. Sorry I do not live in your misery bubble. I feel sorry for you. No one has to pay me anything. Lmfao! You do not represent cluster busters nor do you represent me or anyone in CH and not do I for that fact of the matter The 25+ thank you emails and compliments I recived in the last hour alone is nothing because if I help one person it's worth it. Sorry you live in a self centred bubble I don't care I was denied. I only care about the people who want to learn and live positively I bring a lot to the table. I am one of 24 on the planet who had DBS. My FB is about me reaching out to help people. If you can't see that them I feel sorry for you. I am not forcing anyone to do anything they don't want too Sorry gotta run. A lot of happy FB friends wanting to talk
  2. I am confused It sounds like Trigeminal Nueralgia. I have never heard of a CHr getting that many attack and so short? Anyone care to comment? Confirm?
  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect yours. In less than 24 hours over 100 people added me and agreed it was great. A lot of CB members are on my page. In no way shape or form am I to take anyones shinning light away. Not trying to dance at anyones party only make the party bigger. The more advocacy the better. If anyone ever asked me about "Busting" I would direct them tot hat FB page and or here... Funny, alot of CBrs messaged me and didnt even know I was a member/supporter here... Im always trying to think outside the box and spread advocacy to help others. The more we isolate it to one group , one site the less recognition we get. Suit yourself. I wish you well.
  4. As I stated, there is many and wonderful sites, forums but alot of them deidicate to medicine. Finding relief. Sometimes people don't want meds shoved down their throat. Perhaps just a friendly hello how ya doing. I m not as I stated trying to take anything from anyone. The more we isolate to one site one way of think the less people find what they are looking for. Capiche?
  5. im canadian ....eh....dont have that here,perhaps diff name up here
  6. as much as I LOATHE facebook and refuse to submit myself personally to it I often find people asking me why not...ut fellow cluster heads. Or if there is a good article on CH I can not read it as its posted on FB, So yesterday I started a FB page on Cluster Headaches Its for people feeling down ,needing some uplifting support not a medical help support. There is many of those. There is no personal information to me and I did not make it to find old friends(high school etc). Its soley for us cluster heads,migrainers, and DBS recipents. I do not offer nor accept medical advice on medication only warm friendly hellos. I applaud those that are doing the med help and I didnt make a FB to steel their thunder. Feel free to check it out I am very very very new and still confused how it works. It make take me some time to finese it. search ClusterHead Survivor ( space in between last word) or clusterheadsurvivor@rogers.com I know you can search by email thanks very much. have a PFD
  7. lol I sent that to my neighbour Mario.....LMFAO
  8. i sent one to coke, more of a thank you letter...Nothing.No reply
  9. There was a wbsite stating facts of money spent researching Cluster Headaches. For the life of me I can not find it. They used a comparison to MS vs CH and how little is being spent on CH Can someone please post the link. Much appreciated.
  10. July 25. 2005. It started chronic and still is, even after 4 brain surgeries. They have subsided a little but it has to do more than just the DBS, it has to do with having an incredible wife and son, not working anymore. Alot less stressors in my life...which helps alot.
  11. The CH conference is in Nashville. Id like to go but even the 10 hour drive for me of fuel, hotel is near impossible to afford. I feel for ya Rob and understand 100%. Not that CPP disability is alot to live in but the burder of worrying how to eat will be much less. Less stress, less attacks
  12. Thanks. I waited 9 months for them to call. But when they did. Pretty quick. Yeah I been told I am a bit of the poster boy or atleast one of them. My one video has 216,000 views. My dream is a million one day. More awareness we spread the better. It's not just me it's all of us together spreading awareness. I am just one person. Everyone's support is needed
  13. well CPP disability is federal and I am on it as proof. But I am chronic....you can direct them to my blog and videos. When I spoke to disability she said what is it? I said google it...dont see my blog or videos because that is biased. Look at others who I do not know. She said thats fair. She said Ill let you know in 2 weeks/.....2 HOURS later she called me and said Oh Mr.T I am soooo sorry you have this. APPROVED. Yes no need to hide it...we can't change we have it. No cure. We just need to be positive and move forward and think outside the box... Let me know how ya make out...eh
  14. I was 4 when I moved so I had no say in the matter. I went back for a visit when I was 25. I remembered quit a bit in fact. As absolutly beautiful as BC is and my wife lived on the island to in her younger years we would never move. My son is here and nor would I relish the fact my house value is worth a card board box in Vancouver. Do I miss it? Sorta. I see it on TV and think wow would i love to move. Then I look at my son and think Id never leave him. We are close. Disability here in Ontario pays me $706 a month. I dont want to be homeless in BC to live there because $706 a month doesnt even give me a room to rent. .
  15. Hello, I am canadian as well orig from Richmond now in southwestern Ontario. eh.... I do not have fibromalgia. But have other things I survive. Hopefully you have pain free days ahead.
  16. I am tad farther north....darn !
  17. I get attacks witin minutes of working out. Now if I do go....treadmill only. Since my operations I have gained a hundo. Also the fact I sprained my left ankle and broke my right hand unable to do anything but hop for 5 months so I sat on the couch, quitting smoking snacking no excercise and voila the weight..... and all the fat jokes started. . Id love nothing more than to go on a reg basis but getting attacks at the YMCA is not only humilating, embarrassing and painful.If I got an attack id go to my car
  18. If your referring to CH.com that was me, IM no she. Im a he.lol I asked if anyone could get a second nuerological disease. Some people/person misunderstood and thought I asked if CH could give you another nuero disease. I was NOT asking that...I asked if anyone had heard of anyone suffering another nuerological disease as well.( Parkinsons or ......) If it was another board then please accept my apology but I did ask that question on CH.com Myself. have CCH,Migraines,Tension Headaches, exzema, Irritable Bowl Syndrome... I have passed along to my son Migraines and Tension headaches and praying he does not get CH because he has Elhers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Thanks Moxie...great question!
  19. Jeff, our stories are very similar...re jack...lol Moxie....we are all here for ya....family
  20. I was married to my 2nd wife when I got sick...and like I wrote above,we know how that ended. During my single days/dating I would either flat out tell the girl or hide it. Once Id have an attack I was F8cked. I had to tell. Then others I would spill my beans and the girl would say....sorry can't deal with this. It was a very cruel and dishaeartening time in my life. Then...I met my wife. First date I said...I have something to tell you...and so did she...I said Im sick with CH. She said I am bi polar and in recovery(almost 5 years clean). I hugged her and said finally...Honesty. She was floored I didnt jump on my Harley and ride away as I was. She asked why. I said I hate/loathe drugs and you had a problem,recognised it and did something about it. Respect. As for the Bi Polar. Her nick name to me is "Polar Bear". Because we all have issues. She accepted my chronic headaches watched me have 4 brain surgeries and never ran away. And I support her recovery (now 8.5 years clean). It was not an easy road. Many many nights I got a blank look telling women I was sick. They either didnt understand the disease, didnt want to be held liable for whatever or scared off. Or for whatever reason. IM glad they told me upfront no thanks. I lost 99.9% of my friends too. I am soooo grateful for my wife and son. I would have cashed out along time ago if it wasnt for them
  21. I am so sorry this is happening to you, happening to us. My son was 7 when chronic clusters started for me. Anything over a kip 7 and my son said " daddy please don't die". He really thought I was dying because I was screaming on the floor, ramming my head into drywall or ripping the head board off shaking it uncontrollably. Forming a thought is not possible. Id have to wait until the attack was done. My ex wife said to me on numerous occasions"I can't deal with this sh*t and slam the bedroom door and leave. Man am I happy we split....She was not biological mother of my son and since my boy was age 2 I have had 50% custody since day one and most years had him more but whos counting. Today my son is 15 and just as much as an advocate as I am.My attacks don't even fase him , if the words uh oh come out he jumps up and says dad what do ya need? no questions asked. My new wife is incredible and is so amazing. Countless nights woken her and my son up to go to school and work and no one ever complains. Best advice....educate everyone... Hang in there...there is n magic potion or commonality for us. We all have our own version of attacks,mild or bad.
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