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  1. If you contact me via the info at carrolltoncounseling.com I would be happy to speak with the authorities at his college on his behalf. Larry
  2. K Mom, If your son is registered at a college or university, they should have a health center. If you google "cluster headache fact sheet" one of the first few hits should begin with "crisiscenterblog" Give this to your son and the folks at the health center. I would be pleased to contact them if it would help. Larry carrolltoncounselongdotcom
  3. DrainBread, Despite all of the similarities, each case seems to be unique. I have had success with 960mg of Verapamil and now down to 720. Constant shadows, but keeping full attacks at bay. Fortunately, I have high blood pressure and can handle very high dose verap. Not much help to offer you, but thought I would mention it. Larry
  4. Google "cluster headache fact sheet" and keep it with you. This is the information used for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK. Pat, glad you found your way to a therapeutic companion and I hope to see many of you in Chicago. Larry www.carrolltoncounseling.com
  5. Good news, bad news about the age thing: It seems like there are a couple of patterns of etiology. For me, white male, onset at 22 years old, 3-4 years before diagnosis, episodic (every two years), some help with conventional meds (Verap), great experience with O2 as an abortive. Pretty typical, I think. I am 51 years old and have shifted to chronic daily shadows. Only a Kip2, but almost every day. Like that old feeling of suddenly realizing you HAVE to get to the Oxygen, but just as you expect it to explode in intensity, it simply does not. Watery eye and nasal congestion on that side. Interestingly, my 93 year old uncle through marriage is a Clusterhead. I only found this out almost exactly a year ago at my Dad's funeral. Sam's kid was talking about him getting these horrible headaches where he isolates, rolls around the floor, breaks things, and has a huge Oxygen tank in the bedroom...Yep, that sounds about right. I am going to try to ask him about his history. Let me know if you have specific questions. See you in the Windy City Larry
  6. The OUCH CH letter seems pretty helpful in helping others to understand. We should probably re-write it a bit for ClusterBusters, but better check with Captain psiloscribe. ch_syndrome.pdf
  7. Anybody got a link to the NatGeo trailer? Larry
  8. Zac, Send me an e-mail at the address on the website and I'll attach some stuff for your doc that may help. LS
  9. Zac, I don't know how open minded your psychiatrist is, but if it would help, I would be pleased to consult with him or her (or you) as a clusterHead and psychotherapist. Larry www.carrolltoncounseling.com
  10. In current research with psychedelics, there is a clear distinction between recreational and therapeutic use (see www.maps.org ). It's hard to be certain about dose and individual reaction. If you can't find a therapist you trust for some support, at least be certain you have a very trusted other to accompany you through the experience. Give some serious thought to risks and benefits!
  11. Yesterday, in my neurologist's office, in the NHF magazine in the waiting room was this (in printed form): http://www.headachemag.org/Articles/ExpertQnA/QA-Dr.-Frederick-G.-Freitag Larry www.carrolltoncounseling.com
  12. I can hear you, but I am trained to listen for what might otherwise not be heard.
  13. I can't seem to access the survey from the link.
  14. Jason is getting married this weekend. Join me in wishing him and his bride a lifetime of Joy!!!!! Larry www.carrolltoncounseling.com
  15. Hi all, I've been episodic for the past 27 years. I go into cycle about every 2 or 3 years. While in cycles, but not getting hit, I experienced shadows-pressure, discomfort "soft" painful spots on the side of my head and temple. It certainly feels like the CH mechanisms are active. When this feeling goes away, I have historically known that the cycle is over. About six weeks ago, I started getting these shadows most of the day ranging from a 1 to a 3 on the KIP scale. A couple have escalated to 4 or 5. At that point, I hit the Oxygen real hard for a few minutes and things subside. This feels very different than previous cycles. My sense/hope is that I am, in fact, in cycle, but for some reason just not getting the usual hits/attacks. Maybe I'll have an update at the conference and I am certainly interested in the experience of others. Larry
  16. I'm in! Larry Schor www.carrolltoncounseling.com www.georgiadisaster.info
  17. Count me in and I hope to bring two graduate student volunteers. They will be trained and pleased to assist with Oxygen and anything else (just about). Larry Schor www.carrolltoncounseling.com www.georgiadisaster.info
  18. If there is sufficient interest, I would be pleased to facilitate a group for family members and loved ones. It may help them to express their experience more fully, knowing that I am a therapist and clusterhead. Larry Schor www.carrolltoncounseling.com
  19. As a psychotherapist and Cluster Head, I am looking for descriptive narratives to help convey the experience of CH to medical professionals, loved ones, and others who might benefit from a deeper understanding. Larry Schor, PhD carrolltoncounseling (at) gmail (dot) (com)
  20. Yep, I have been up-front with my primary care doc and my neurologist. When I was entering my last cycle, my neuro wrote me a script for Oxygen and Amerge, telling me that if I busted, I should wait 48 hours to take Amerge. Both were interested and pleased with the result.
  21. Hello brothers and sisters. I've got a question for the pros. I am one of the fortunate who, for the past 25 years, has been episodic and responsive to conventional meds (propanalol, verap, O2). I have been cluster free since August 2005. About two weeks ago, I started having the "shadpws" that usually, but not always portend a coming ride into the darkness. With the support of my neurologist, I tried two small doses of paper four days apart. I had one pretty bad but brief hit after the first dose, followed by a couple of days during which I was able to abort with O2, thanks to the kindness of a friend. So, long story short, for the past week I have had a nearly constant shadow; maybe a two. I'm not complaining and will take a 24 hour shadow over an hour of the alternative. Basically, it is a vague pain on the side and behind my eye. Anyone have similar experience? Happy New Year to All, Larry S
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