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  1. I may have missed something. Rather than being told about mushrooms; it seems like most often we are being treated like mushrooms:Â kept in the dark and being fed sh*t I know we all want to get the word out but why haven't we by this time been on Oprah, CNN, or something like that so as to help multitudes rather than the one at a time that we are all trying to help. It seems to me that it would make a riveting story!... The fact that we risk prison for growing our own medicine! How we know the secret to relieving pain and torment and even preventing death. If more Doctors (like the Boston Headache Doctor) knew about this treatment would they not be breaking rule # 1...First Do No Harm...by keeping their mouth shut? By their silence they are in fact "doing harm"! I think that me and my story...you and your story... together with Bob and maybe Dr. Halpern would be a story that some outlet would use to get ratings. That's what ALL of the shows are after. The fact that we have to be in the shadows and risk prison to save ourselves and the ones we love is pitiful and heartbreaking. More sufferers would try our method if their doctors mentioned it. Not prescribed it...just mentioned that they know that some folks get relief from alternatives. Especially if a patient were to inquire or ask their Doc. I mentioned mushrooms to my neuro and he scoffed! If he knows the potential benefits...lifesaving in some cases...and scoffs at the mention; there is indeed something wrong in Denmark! I know it is talked about more in the news these days. National Geo. for example. Anyone who has ever had a headache would watch the "program" if we could get the right TV connection. ...I wonder about a lot of things I guess.
  2. Glad to see you back on the board Ting. Bonkers even had me concerned for you. Nice to have people to care about you...huh? Best wishes to you and your little angelic daughter. Dan
  3. I fixed it Angel. Sorry
  4. I dosed tonight for the first time in nearly two months. The signs were reappearing and I knew it was time to medicate. I make Lee Ann go "kick rocks" for a few hours so I can be more at ease being out of my mind. For some reason my usual 1.5g of FunGuy took me way far away. Tingling would be an understatement! Stuff melting, grass breathing...a very intense trip. Standing by myself in the kitchen...looking stupid...being the Frozen1.I was going Bonkers when my phone (which was turned way up) said: PICTURE MAIL RECIEVED Scared the Bejeebers out of me. I am glad no one was here to see me jump out of my britches,,,thought I Allyooped myself. All better now and I know I have a couple of pain free months to look forward to. uh...and an Angel flew by.
  5. I was raised in a Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsly, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers, AS the Beaver kinda family. I have to blame my condition on something else. Not making light of your thread, ya know.
  6. Good advice, I will use it and maybe not be skeered to fly now.
  7. You are a good wife, Angel. I have an angel taking care of me too. Supporters are damn sure underrated
  8. Not to be a downer but Prednisone is bad stuff!!! I have avascular necrosis caused by Prednisone! I had to have a total hip replacement years ago and will have related trouble forever. I would rather you learn from other peoples mistakes than from your own. Lee Ann and I hurt for you and wish you two the very best.
  9. Hey Alleyoop. I believe there is something to this. When landing coming home from Portland I could feel every nerve on the right side of my face...trigeminal nerve? No joke. Excruciating pain for the last 5 minutes of the flight. I have never experienced anything like it. Like the right side of my face was on fire. I was holding my head and just about to start screaming. The intense pain disappeared shortly after landing. My headaches are on my right side; I found it more than coincidental! Not looking forward to landing on my next flight which will probably be Chicago.
  10. LMAO I pick myself sometimes too I will try to procure some Lipa Yai Thai for myself next time I need to make a purchase. Thanks for your reply frozen1
  11. Woweee. That's not a B+ or an Equador (SP) I bet. May I inquire as to what strain that monster is?
  12. yea, you probably need to dose all 1.5g at one time. I always have with the exception of a cap under the tongue a few times to try to ward off the demon. I didn't have my attacks when my kids were young...that would be a bitch. Hang in there!
  13. Hey PlayDoh, The plan is: take your first dose and wait at least 5 days . After the first dose your ha pattern should change...a sign that it's working. They may even get worse, but this is temporary!! You want to stretch the time between each dose according to how bad the attacks are. After dosing 3 times in close proximity, I began dosing about once a month...still stretching the time between doses. You will find that the time between doses gets longer and longer.(PAIN FREE TIME) I was chronic for 7 years. I have been pain free now for well over a month. Probably more like two months! It's nice losing track of time when it comes to not having the F ing attacks daily. Good Luck. With a batch as big as yours you may want to look into freezing them. Be careful how you do that though. You will need to read up on freezing teks. I have never had bagsfull :o
  14. I have found that although alcohol may not trigger a ha; if i get a ha after drinking it is sure to be a K10. Dan
  15. Wow. Very interesting article. You are a wealth of information. It appears that Dr Halpern is a busy man indeed. Thanks for your reply.
  16. Along the same lines as natgeo explorer. I watched natgeo Taboo which covered an Amazon peoples religion in which their sacrament is Dimay. Not sure how to spell it but it showed these people of all ages...little girls to old men tripping on this. Seemed like a pleasant experience for all. Dr. Halpern was also interviewed on this show!!! He had studied the effects on these people and verified that in his opinion there were no bad, or long lasting side effects. Very Damn Interesting. I recorded it together with the LSD show. Anyone know anything about this drug? IT IS LEGAL in the US for people of the Iowaska or Santo Dimay religion. I think that perhaps I want to change my religion
  17. RIGHT ON! I remember not too long ago what a feeling it was to sleep through the night. When I was able to take a nap in the afternoon without waking up with a 10 I knew for sure the busting works. I am very happy for you. Good things will follow.
  18. Good advice FunGuy. It seems to me that the smallest effective dose of any med is well advised. ....still pain free in abilene, tx. Thanks to everyone here especially Lee Ann and Denny
  19. Hi Valerie, I have heard of Dr Passie. I think he and Dr Halpern work together. Dr Halpern is associated with Harvard U and they have the patent on BOL. That is my drug treatment of choice once it ls legal in the US. Hope you're doing OK. Dan
  20. I took Verapamil also and could hardly get out of bed after a couple of years. The mushrooms didn't work for me when I tried a few years ago and I am sure it was because of all of the meds I was on. In April this year I detoxed COMEPLETLY from all meds and the shrooms worked very well after about the third dose. I am pain free after 7 years chronic. Dosing now every month or so. Oxygen quickly aborts attacks after beginning to dose. Using the right mask is a must! Good Luck!!! ;D
  21. Right on for tornado alley. Lee Ann and I got drunked up once and went storm chasing close to home. We found ourselves between two tornados in the middle of the night...WAY closer than we meant to. Great adrenaline rush! We won't be doing that again.
  22. Denny...My boat is still in the shop in Dallas. Has been for a month. I hope that twister got it and State Farm can buy it!
  23. With little boys you only have one little dick to worry about. With a girl you have to worry about every little dick in town! haha
  24. Great feeling, isn't it? Congratulations.
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