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  1. Wow Thanks everyone. I had things come up today and I chickened out both. Good things I might add. Feeling better now and maybe just post dose hits or shadows. Not bad "A walk in the park on a sunny day" compared to the old days. Everything is relative. I may well try the taper method next month...(hoping for a month, please, please,please) Dan
  2. Thanks guys. I'll let you know
  3. Ok I have a question for ya. I dosed 2 days ago. Because the dose I did on Oct 5th took me way out there on 1.5g; I decided to do less. I took 1.2g or 1.3g and just had a weird/jittery/sluggish feeling for several hours. No real trip. I am headachy today and had one post dose hit yesterday quickly aborted with 02. OUESTION: Since I hate and dread the effects of dosing, why not do 1.5g or even more today since one is supposedly unable to trip for several days after dosing? Get the benefit without (sub)hallucinating? I think I need somebody to talk me in to trying it??!! Best wishes to all Dan ps Where is Dallas Denny?
  4. Come on back, Angel. Tell us everything is still going well. I sure hope it is. Dan
  5. haha. Whimps we R not.
  6. Too funny This Isn't Fair. You have a way with words. Like who would wish for an 8? Someone with a 10 every time. haha So how are things in (just south of) the Windy City? Dan
  7. I'm not always a downer but I must continue..haha Imitrex is the devil in a vial if you ask me. Terrible rebound headaches. That may...I said may...be part of your problem. Why the pain never completely goes away. I highly recommend trying mushrooms. For sure I wish you would try it before you do the ONS. I wish I would have. If ONS did work it would be a more permanent fix perhaps but I'm afraid that our pain is much to intense to mask with a tiny electrical current. I was ready for an old fashioned shock treatment. R P McMurphy style. Not that anyone has ever said that it might work. It seemed like it might work to me and still kinda does. I was absolutely at the end of my rope when I got saved by the info on this sight. Thanks to my sweet wife (and others)Â I must add.
  8. Big tanks of 02 are underrated. I think i have the size just smaller. It's all I can do to get it in the house but a WHOLE LOT of oxygen. Mushrooms and oxygen. Finally a little peace of mind. We are all tired of being scared. Dan
  9. Hipshot

    New guy

    Hi Chabbio. The consensus on this board is that mushrooms or seeds will change your life. It SAVED mine. I suggest try mushroom if you can get hold of some. They are illegal but so is carrying wire cutters in Texas. (not the same punishment, I'm sure) 18 years...My heart goes out to you; you are tuffer than I. Best wishes Dan
  10. I will say what you know I'm gonna say. I had the ONS trial. Done in Dallas in April I think. It did not work. I wanted it to work so bad that I think if there was any chance it would have worked on anyone it would have worked on me. The Doc claimed a 90+ % success rate. I call BS. It is nothing but a high dollar tens unit. Try a tens unit cranked all the way up when you have a bad HA. It will do exactly what an ONS will do. It will shock you to the point of burning but will have no effect on the attack. I would ask the Doc how many cluster patients he has had success with. It may work for migrains but not on sufferers like us. :-/ Just my opinion and experience. Dan
  11. Way to go Angel. WOWEE things sound good. Keep it up.
  12. Bob, Congratulations are in order. That is a superb site. I have spent a couple of hours reading the articles that are finally together in one place. I have heard about the Newsweek article, for example, but have never read it. BOL might actually happen in my lifetime! I will go anywhere and pay anything to be part of this exciting venture...or adventure. Dan
  13. Hi there Colemonster. I understand what you mean about not wanting to brag or rub it in because others are still having hell. I try to count my blessings everyday for not having the pain. I've been feeling pretty sporty and maybe a tad big for my britches. I've been fishing a lot, going to movies, out to eat...stuff normal people take for granted Yesterday out of the blue I got hit 3 times...BAM BAM BAM I last dosed 10-5 and thought I was good to go for a couple of months...I hoped anyway. I had gotten to the point that IT wasn't on my mind all of the time...A very nice feeling indeed. SOOOOO will see what the day has in store for me and continued pain free wishes to you and everyone that is hurting. Dan
  14. I like your name...This isnt fair. Right to the point. Good post! Dan
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_Ellis#Retirement_and_death pretty interesting read being the world series is on. Go Texas
  16. Oh, and Cindy...too cool, huh. 42 days
  17. Angel, It's good to see things looking up since last time I read your thread. It seems like a perpetual motion thing, now that you have it going the right direction it should just get better from here. Good thoughts. Dan
  18. have a sense of humor. We are only 2000 miles apart. BUT...You're right. Sorry
  19. What's half way between Chicago and Abilene?
  20. Hell yea. That's what I'm talking about.
  21. I hope you find that the mushrooms are a miracle therapy for you as I have. I'm pretty much pain free and dosing every couple of months...fingers crossed ...don't want to jinx myself. Glad you found the sight. It is a lifesaver. Dan
  22. That goes for me too Matty. I look forward to reading your posts. Dan
  23. My granddad used to say: "If it wasn't for lawyers we wouldn't need lawyers."
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