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  1. I had more than just my legs back after getting off that nasty Verapimil. Thank goodness. You guys prob know what I mean Glad you're doing well Colemonster. Keep It Up!
  2. Amen. Not bragging but. I'm going to drag my boat damn near across Texas to meet up with my 24 yr old son to go fishing. Can I get a big ole "Hell yea!"? I swear I couldn't have imagined being able to do such a thing for years and years. Time to catch up. thanks Bob, Denny, and everyone else. Best Regards Dan
  3. Hey Kaboom! So you were a ball player when you were young? Too funny. I know I'm combining threads, but it just came to mind. Dan
  4. NO PROBLEMO! LMAO You must get used to some of us.
  5. Welcome to the board of the EX-Damned Colemonster. What kind of name is Colemonster anyway. haha I got relief after just a few doses and eventually long lasting relief after being chronic for years. It is just as exciting as hell. I am now of the opinion (knowing that I will have to (get to?) do this for the rest of my life, that stretching time out between doses is the ticket. Rather than continuing to try to slam the doors closed; once closed it seems to make sense to massage them closed in order to keep them closed...the receptors, that is. The lightest effective dose and the longest stretch of time between doses. IDK, maybe just me. But so far, so good I told my Mom on the phone tonight that it is actually more amazing than having kids. I am of the male persuasion, but it's still one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. Like Kaboom said on one of the threads...I sometimes have a shiteating (not her exact words, mind you) grin on my face and probably look like a RETARD to the casual observer. They'll just have to wonder. Life is a bowl of cherries for now anyway. I try to cherish each day and hope things continue as they are. I also hope that everyone else can find the same thing happens to them soon. Every day is a holiday! Dan
  6. Hey there Birdman. I understand staying away. If you were to disappear and we all knew why you weren't on I think we would all be happy for you. Rather see you here from time to time though. Being pain free absolutely kicks that ass, doesn't it? Everyday is a good day...fingers crossed. ;D Dan
  7. OMG I hope I don't get addicted!!! No one ever told me that these things are addictive! How do I detox ? What a dumb bitch.
  8. You gotta sing it! FuuuuusterCluckers, Fuuuuuustercluckers like that!
  9. For poor bastards we're pretty damn funny.
  10. Don't get me started on One Flew Over the Cookoo's (SP) Nest! Ok then "The next woman takes me on is gonna light up like a pin-ball machine and pay off in silver dollars" RP McMurphy
  11. Another semi-quote from The Shawshank Redemption: "Seems like bad luck just floats around...and sometimes it lands on you." another one you ask? Ok "Pressure and time. That is what geology is, the study of pressure and time." Prison is pressure and time. CH is pressure and time.
  12. F CK HER...and her little dog too! I like your attitude. "Pretty damn sure she couldn't!" I bet you will end up doing some poor bastard some good in the long run. She might wake up one day and think...Damn...he really was looking good! I always thought that doctors and scientists were supposed to analyze data objectively and let the chips fall where they may. You might be her first chip. I haven't got the balls up to tell my neuro. I thought he was a god for a few years and he did try. He didn't charge me near what he could have, so I respect him. I will tell him though. I mentioned it to him once and I think he thought I was "hopped up on the shit:)".haha. I dropped it.
  13. Dang it! If I wasn't married... Nowhere to pace should be a visual for everyone. I did jump in; went under water. At least then it wasn't so apparent I'd been crying by the time I could go get the damned trailer I did have people looking at me but I wouldn't make eye contact. At times like that; I look around at EVERYONE having fun and can't help but wonder WTF!!! If we could find a market for tears...Kinda like Restasis(?) and that cute doctor on TV. We could all be rolling in clams. If tears were dollars And dollars were tears I'd be green as Ben Franklin And richer than Sears TaaDaa
  14. I only got sick one time that I can remember. Lee Ann and I were in our boat and I got a K10. I was crying and making noises and then started calling Earl. Even had people at the lake offering to help. I was stranded big time with absolutely no place to hide. I MUST teach her how to back a trailer!
  15. My headaches always hit me at 1:30 am. If we're in the same timezone (I'm central) maybe you could call me and we can scream together. Glad things at least for the time being are looking up for you. I'm sure your son enjoyed his time with you and vise-versa. Hang in there! Dan
  16. That might be one thing that's worth a headache...post-coital. (VISUAL?) Lee Ann and I may experiment tonight. Thanks Donald. Welcome to the "Board of the Damned" haha. More like the "Board of the previously Damned". Take Care Dan
  17. Hey Bejeeber, You can take credit if you want to. I share and usually try to work well with others. it is rather catchy. haha You made my day! And now I think I know what a spoonerism is...I think.
  18. Damn. Soooo I bet things will start looking up for you and your son. It really helps to know that you are not the only one "who's life sucks". As my buddy (did burn one with him once, anyway) Willie Nelson says: Just connect your feet to the sunny side of the street! Things will improve. I feel for you and wish you pain free days soon. Take care Dan
  19. Hey there Newbie... You may not know it but you are a lucky guy. You got Tingling to be your first response. Everyone likes to hear from her. I like your screen name...sad but true. Take care of yourself and hang in there. I thought I was on a roll but had the usual 1:30AM hit last night. I guess I had my hopes set too high but for now will just say it was one of those rogue/random hits. Dan
  20. Follow the bouncing ball...
  21. Bejeeber How about the FusterClucks...Bejeeber and the Gnashville FusterClucks? I was thinking to the tune of Old MacDonald. Hi Ho the DairyO is pretty damn funny though.
  22. LMMFAO David. I've got the tune in my head... Sang it a million times. Too funny ;D
  23. Kaboom, You have a way with words kinda like Tingling does. You two need to be on the 60 Minutes program that I hope will happen someday soon.
  24. You get it Tingling! The saddest part of everyone's story is the fact that it takes years and years of pain and hopelessness before we find it. I guess in a twisted kind of way that makes the relief...TOTAL relief of pain...all the more amazing. Dan
  25. I guess I was asking permission. Thanks for the responses guys. Hope all are doing well. I will give it some thought. Dan
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