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  1. Sooooo... where do you live Jilly? 8-)
  2. Speaking of o2. The only difference in medical oxygen and welding oxygen is a sniff nest. I get mine from West-Air. They supply both types. I inquired as to the difference. They sniff the newly filled cylinders to smell for accetalyne (sp) That is the only difference. I get medical M tanks filled for under $10 clams and rent the tank for $40 bucks a year.
  3. Hi Jilly. welcome to the board of the damned! I tried mushrooms several years ago just like you. The problem was that I dosed while on a daily fist full of meds including Verap. I got no relief. That's the bad news. In April of this year I detoxed completely from ALL medications. I tried the shrooms again after a failed ONS trial. When done as directed, day one, day five...and completely detoxed the mushrooms worked like a miracle for me. You must get high flow o2 and a nonrebreather mask. Click menu on the left of this page and go to oxygen page. Oxygen, when used at 15LPM with the right mask is an absolute lifesaver for most of us.
  4. Hi there Kaboom, FYI I get my M tank refilles with "medical O2" at a welding supply place. They also provide O2 to medical facilities. I rented an M from them for $40/yr. Each refill is less than $10. It holds a shit ton ( one of my son's sayings) of Oxygen. It is the best deal in town. Ten bucks to abort 20 or 30 attacks. Dan
  5. Thanks for the post. We aren't alone...
  6. Hi CHFather. The busting will change her head attack pattern. That is usually the first sign that it's working for her. Once the busting has begun the O2 will work much better than before. Since it sounds like she is new to O2 also this may be a mute point. I have never been able to chug a Red Bull so I can't give any advise there. I never tried the seeds although I have some in the refrigerator. I started busting with mushrooms in April 2010 after having tried literally everything but deep brain stimulation. From what I understand all of the busting methods should work for everyone to some degree...more for some than others it seems. The consensus is that LSD is the most potent and therefor the most effective. Mushrooms next and seeds next. My sweet wife hooked me up with the seeds and mushrooms. If she would have been able to find LSD I am sure she would have acquired that for me too. ( I think she loves me ) Times were desperate around here. I had just failed miserably on the ONS trial and ... times were desperate. By the time she ordered and received the seeds she had also met a friend here and got me some magic mushrooms magically. I took them as directed...day one, five days, seven days... I was pain free soon after I began dosing. First the patterns changed. I had had an attack every morning at 1:30 for years. I have been chronic since these things started for me in 03. My headaches began to hit me each morning at 6:30. It still hurt bad but I knew I was on to something big. They have changed my life...given me my life back...saved my life. Nothing is as bad or as painful as what your daughter is experiencing. Try the mushrooms if you don't see good results from the seeds. Wishing the best for her and everyone else with clusters. Dan
  7. Your Dad must have been a cool guy like me, Guiseppi. 8-) 8-) I thought coined that saying ;D Dan
  8. Hi there CH Father. I just wanted to chime in and say that I like you. I like the way you think. I admire the way you look after your daughter. If the world was ruled by cluster heads or fathers and mothers of clusterheads there would be no wars! I bet Adams mother would agree. I know your kids appreciate the folks help in trying to alleviate their suffering. Dan
  9. I get it. Just thinking about alcohol can trigger a 10
  10. Lee Ann may argue with me, but I have noticed the same thing Chris. I did have pneumonia a few years ago but generally speaking I haven't had colds or flu in a very long time. The same thought has crossed my mind. I wish I didn't have headaches and got sick more often. Like they say "wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first"
  11. I have sympathy for anyone who suffers our affliction. So called normal people "drown their sorrows" from time to time. If anyone can justify a cocktail or five it's us. It just doesn't get along well with fubar hypothalamuses ...hypothalami ?? Anyway I enjoy a few strong drinks now and then....because I can! I sure couldn't for a long time. Party on Dan
  12. Alcohol is definately a trigger for me. It assures me that if I do get an attack...it will be a big one. It seems that if I have one or two its more likely to be bad than if I just get drunk. Real drunk equals no headache for me. I can't just stay drunk though. Best bet is to stay away from any alcohol Hopefully there will be a time down the road that your daughter can have coctails and not have to worry about it. Since I started taking mushrooms I can drink what I want and when I want. No more direct correlation to head attacks anymore. Knock on wood. Before the mushrooms. Alcohol would put me in orbit. Pain indescribable. I went a couple of years with no cocktails. I wouldn't even consider drinking for a long time. Dan
  13. Good looking babes are allowed to hijack...huh Chris. I started it...sorry.
  14. Good strong coffee helps too.
  15. Jen, it's good to see you on the board. When are we gonna get together at Dennys again? I guess a CPAP mask is one of the few things that I haven't tried. I had hell breathing at night for years. The years that I was taking lithium and verapimil. Once I stopped the verapimil I began breathing better at night...all the time I suppose. I would wake up gasping for air. Absolutely terrifying! Back then (BS) before shrooms, I would either wake from a deep sleep with headaches or out of air. Either way going to bed was a drag...dreading the nightly terror. Tell Phil hello from lee Ann and I. Hope to see you in Chicago. Chris, it does sound like your neck is the culprit regarding numbness in fingers and hands. We all, for the most part, have multiple issues. I guess gods not happy with just afflicting us with clusters!!! Dan
  16. Dude. You must be beginning to think that I'm a "rain on your parade" kind of guy but... I too had a neck problem. The surgeon said...maybe...when I asked if it might be the cause of my headaches. He fused c4 and c5. I was pain free for a few days after the surgery. Just like I'm temporarily PF after all surgeries. The crushing head attacks were back within the week. Now I had head attacks and a F ing fused neck. Surgeons will always suggest surgery just like car salespeople will always suggest you buy a car. Just my experience. I would never judge anyone for trying any and everything to stop the torture. Dan
  17. Sounds high to me Ting. Would it be better for you if we held the convention in Norway? haha Sign my ass up! Dan
  18. You have my trust, Bob....and FunGuy. A friend of yours is a friend of mine. What is this thread about anyway
  19. I spy a Good Father!~
  20. You sound like a good cop! haha You must have felt like a terd in a swimming pool when the "conversation stopped" haha Good to see you on the board.. Dan
  21. Hey bonkers. I think I remember another thread in which you were describing the fact that you weren't a "big guy" lol Can't wait to meet you in Chicago. Dan
  22. I'm dozing about monthly. Went two months not long ago. I am due for a dose about now. Last was nov 1st. Still relatively PF just random stuff.
  23. I just showed this to lee Ann and she said: see there and you used to think you were the only one. Someone once said misery loves company. Any time I'm on this board I know I am in real good company. We love all of you. Dan
  24. Gotcha, takiniteasy. It's only money. So how are you doing?j
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