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  1. Good point drew. I was just wondering if one could take a ten minute trip rather than hours on end. Wishful thinking.
  2. You've got me interested. I watched a you tube clip. It looked like that shit will take you to the moon in short order. :D So tell me more about it please. Like is it short lived. Maybe a POW and you are over it rather quickly? Dan
  3. Hey dude, no apologies necessary for crappity smacking cursing ;D New Orleans is a good place to be. I am jealous. The last time I was there I was getting hit multiple times daily. Way back before I knew shit from shineola regarding treatments. We need to head down there again now that the torture is under control...if there is such a thing. Texas can receive spores and or seeds. I will be glad to help you any way I can. Dan
  4. Amen on the opti2mask. Denny is telling you right. You have to get the right mask. That is the absolute most important thing. I called BS on oxygen until I got the correct setup. I now have it always available and it takes the fear factor out. Dan
  5. The verapamil won't take full effect for a while. No ED to worry about short term, but long term was a killer for me. I'm with Leslie, stay away from traditional meds. Sounds like you are good to go in that department. Detoxing means getting off all meds, pain and etc, for 5 days prior to dosing. Most of us are or were on medications to combat side effects of medications...so to speak. Dan
  6. Hey Jeff. Where in LA do you live? Just curious. I spent a lot of time there back in the day. You can find shrooms if you have a college buddy or two. Just put the word out. Wish I could be more help. Dan
  7. Hey Chris. It was verapamil/lithium after a year or so.... Soooo jeffC it won't do that to you if it does at all for a good while. Oh, and Chris...quit bragging! :o I'm no expert at all on seeds Jeff. Sorry. Mushrooms do it for me. I too dislike the trip. I am working on that with help from my friends here. The whole thing is worth it but I still have to force myself to dose. Practice makes perfect I suppose. Dan
  8. Verapimil might take care of the attacks for a while. It did for a couple of years for me till it nearly killed me. Low BP and lethargy deluxe. Five naked Chinese girls could not have "aroused" me. If you enjoy a good bowel movement (...and really don't we all) and sex you should not take it. Your GF will not be impressed. The no bowel movement may make you an ideal roomy but you may have to fake a headache so you don't have to perform for her. No disrespect intended, I don't even know her. If she likes really small, non-responsive thingies go for it. ;D Haha No joke.
  9. My neuro gave me 4% lidocaine...I suppose 6 ounces or so. I got on my back with my head tilted all the way back and dripped about 4cc slowly into my nasal passage on the headache side with a syringe...needle removed. I had to stay on my back, head back, for a few minutes to allow the medicine to fully drain back to the nerve. It does help abort a bad attack but so does oxygen. With my fused neck the position I had to get in was painful in itself. I still have some but haven't used it in a couple of years. I had it before I discovered oxygen and mushrooms. Compared to nothing it did give pretty good relief...all things being relative.
  10. Well said Denny. I love you and dr.J too. I wouldn't want my good intentions to backfire and possibly hurt rather than help. It just seems to me that no harm would come from getting "it" and using it in the mean time. Our little secret. Peace in the valley... Dan
  11. With due respect Dr J. You don't have this daily torture...I do. That changes things. I could care less where the BOL comes from. I just want to try it and so do most of us. Whatever it takes. Are you saying that one can't go to Germany and get it under any circumstances? I will not "cut this out Now"...nurse Rached. I want my cigarettes! I am more concerned with my pain vs your patent. Sorry. I know you mean well. My intentions are also honorable. I am determined due to the pain we all suffer. We have nothing to lose. Dan
  12. Road trip? I sent the company an email begging for any and all assistance or suggestions. iDK if they comprende English.
  13. I can't speak German. I wonder why this company is producing BOL. Is it for headaches? Translator needed. Dan
  14. https://biochem.thc-pharm.de/product_info.php?products_id=122 Thank you professor. BOL is being produced and is available it seems. I know it's not near being FDA approved but neither is LSD...point is it IS out there and we need it. we need to get creative. We need a controlled substance license and an importers license....damn details. We know Doctors and Professors and we are a crafty lot 8-) 8-). I am very excited about this. I may take a trip to Germany but homework needs to be done first. I will take all the help I can get. I don't know how BOL is classified as pertaining to the controlled substances act for starters... Dan
  15. A controlled substances license and an importers license and we are good to go....hmmm Very exciting stuff Dan
  16. I don't know who you are professor but I thank you very much for the post. :) Dan
  17. Hey les. I got some tincture. The only available locally is 1:1. I need help. How much of this would you recommend I take. I'm ready to try it and I thank you for your posts. Dan
  18. Hi. Ting...you will be missed. Hurry back. Dan
  19. We call that jinxing. It sometimes will sneak up on you and bite you in the ass. Just when I get feeling just a little "too sporty" I sometimes get Powed. Do you have an oxygen setup? If not you must. It is the first line of defense for most of us and will save your life. It pretty well prevents 9's and 10's and takes the pain away in just a few minutes in most cases. Dan
  20. And I was going to admit to being jealous of you "young man". What is your age Verbal? :-[ Dan
  21. Too funny Chris. Sharp as a tack, you must be feeling better. With a title like sex I had to click. Am I normal I wonder Dan
  22. Hey Verbal Glad to have you on the board...moderation never was my strong suit. ;D Dan
  23. It seems to me that if I have one drink...maybe two, I will get a screamer. The more I drink the better odds that it won't hit me. Go figure. Either nothing or balls to the wall Dan
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