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  1. Welcome to the site. Like the others have told you: oxygen taken with the proper mask at 15LPM will be your first life saver. You will be amazed. Read up and sorry you had to find us here. Best of luck Dan
  2. Being afflicted by the "Good people's disease" is a very nice thing to say. I can live with that. Bob...would your place to employ said Clusterheads provide oxygen and a shroom-room? Tea anyone? Sign me up. You and I can be the bosses Dan
  3. Too damn funny Bob. Spaghetti huh? What a trip that must have been. Saucer pupils says it all.
  4. Hi Val.The whole world is happy for you. The magic worked just about as well for me as it did for you Now the trick is to figure out how often you need to dose to remain pain free. For me right now it is about every two months if I'm very lucky. What a miracle!!! Thanks for sharing your story. It gives others hope, and hope is a GOOD thing! Take care Dan
  5. Val...The whole world is happy for you. The magic worked just about as well for me as it did you. I am so very happy for you. Thanks for sharing your story. It gives others hope...and hope is a GOOD thing! Now the trick is to figure out when you need to dose in the future to keep the devil away. I am dosing about every month or two...depending. Life is good! Take care and continued PF days and sleepy nights. Dan
  6. What the hell does this have to do with headaches? HAHA Too cute. Thanks for the smile Dan ps I wanna come fishing Xeno!
  7. I like your thoughts Xeno. They will help me in the next day or two when I take my next dose. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough,,,and dad gumit people like me! haha Dan
  8. The Night of the Living ClustrHeads! Scary.
  9. Too damn funny. Not making light of your situation. You just described us in a position that we can all picture ourselves in. Get Oxygen 15 lpm with Optimask. That's the best thing ever happened to me prior to mushrooms. Dan
  10. The shakes sounds like a side effect of the Lithium that I was on for a while. A long while. Keep up the good fight. It will be worth it. Dan
  11. I think you will find better results from each bust. It took me 3 or 4 to get 100% pain free for a length of time. Keep your chin up and keep us posted. I'm rooting for you. Dan
  12. West Texans love rain. Send some our way. We would love to come see you one of these years. I hope things continue to go well for you. I'm sure that they will. Dan
  13. Hi there Mrs Robinson. Haven't seen you on the board in a while. Lee Ann and I were talking about you not too long ago...wondering about you guys. Sorry you got a screwin. Some people have no conscience . What goes around comes around. Take care. I hope your husband is doing better. Dan
  14. Thanks MJ. I looked back at my journal today. I last busted with mushrooms 11-3. I began in April 2010. I have dosed a total of 10 times. Generally I am pain free...random stuff and hits that come on to necessitate a bust. I am dosing now about once per month and still trying to stretch the intervals. I am a happy camper. Dan
  15. Hey Sorry things suck ass. Hang in there. The next dose might be just exactly the WHACKIN that is needed. Double damn. I hope the next dose does the trick. Dan
  16. Good for you. Hip hip hurray!~
  17. Sounds like you're doing all the good. Thanks for the update Shaggy. We sure did like Portland. I am jealous and we're ready for another visit. How many bedrooms do you have? I'm getting about a month of relief between doses. So far I consider that a huge success. I just keep trying to stretch the time between doses. So far so good. Take care Dan
  18. Matty- you are a class act. You make me like Poland. Dan
  19. A million here and a million there.... Thanks for the links Marsha. Everyone needs to do their part in getting the word out about this BOL venture. We all know someone with money and this could be a great investment for the right people. Shake the bushes everybody. Dan
  20. Interesting. Right now I'm just glad the last bust seems like it's gonna hold. Fingers crossed and all that stuff. Michael is a hard case for sure but has a good daddy looking after him. I bet he's proud. Dan
  21. Thanks for the input Leslie and MJ. So far so good for me today, three days after my dose. More clear headed today and hope to make a month. Thanks again for everyone's participation in trying to help me. Dan
  22. Hi there. Glad things sound good on your end. I dosed 3 days ago. Took less this time because I got way out there last month. I just hope I did enough to do the trick. A pretty good hit the day after and headachy yesterday. Today is clear and I think I am good to go. Gotta be a positive thinker, don't we? Keep up the good fight. Dan
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