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  1. Sadly the hospital isn't run by the sisters anymore... But there are plenty of 'em in there... And there are quite a few who are nurses. So I found out exactly who to go to if I needed them. Only after I needed them. The one nurse I SHOULD have turned them loose on I didn't get the chance to. I just made sure the charge nurse knew if she went near my Mom again, I was going to make heads roll. The scary thing was, I'm the NICE family member. My Aunt would cuss out doctors, and anyone who pissed her off! LMAO. One doctor told her he didn't have time to explain things to her, because he was super busy, the nurse could... and left. She hunted him down, cussed him out, and went and found an advocate. My Mom when she woke up was like "They could have thrown her out..." "Tara didn't give any fecks." The nurse I took care of with the charge nurse fecked up like... four times. The final straws were we told her flat out that we hadn't let my nephews see Mom on the ventilator because we didn't want to traumatize them. So, we walk in to the C.V.I.C.U, and Mom's doors are closed at visiting and she stops us and tells us to stop. And we ask what's wrong. "She's in distress. She's not gonna die, but I don't have a crystal ball so I can't tell you what's gonna happen." There were 4 kids in there. Not just my 2 nephews, but 2 other little ones, a 4 year old that considered my Mom an aunt. You know the only word they heard was "die." My cousin turned around and left so she wouldn't hit her. My Aunt came up there and informed her that if she EVER said anything like that in front of the kids again, they would have a problem. "SORRY!" "You're GONNA be sorry when security is dragging BOTH OF US OUT OF HERE when I'm whippin' your ASS!!" Then, to get Mom out of distress, they gave her versed. Which, even on it, she was BALLING HER FIST UP every time this nurse came near her. She was also still on propofol! This woman was like "She keeps balling her fist up like she wants to hit me!" Tara: "....I think she might." Mom is not the type of person who is naturally violent... So that was it. I was like NOPE. WE'RE DONE. I also know one of the best cardiac surgeons there flipped out on same nurse for being rude to a patient's family... So basically, after that, we didn't see her again. Everyone in the ICU loved me because they said they didn't often see patient's families get so involved. Probably everyone except for the nurse who I got in trouble. I made sure they knew that Mom balled her fist up, the things she said to the kids, etc. I soooo wish I would have found a Nun.... They'd have made sure she wouldn't have messed with anyone else's families! This whole thing did make me realize that if I get well enough, I would like to be a social worker in a hospital setting. Because living in the I.C.U. waiting room, I was able to help quite a few people... I'd just need something to get around having to write. They gotta have typewriters or something for that now!
  2. I actually get it all around my head, Like, my temples, around my ears, the back of my head, and in my neck. I still get hit but it's much milder, and it's something I can actually sleep through. Before the botox, I was waking up at 3:43am, every day with a screamer. Once my forehead froze and I became one of the alien people, that pretty much stopped and I sleep through the night. I still wake up every once in a while with a hit, but for the most part, I don't notice it. If I'm awake and have it, I can abort it with an energy drink, or just flat out ignore it. Sometimes it's a bit worse. I've also used the 5-meo-DALT on top of it, and if I could remember to stay on top of dosing with it, it plus the botox would probably knock my hits out completely. After my next shunt adjustment in April, or possibly once things settle down from it in May, I'll be testing out the DALT again to see how I do with it. Edited to add: Also, I have Occipital Neuralgia, and Trigeminal Neuralgia. So this pretty much makes it all calm the fuck down. I also always have a severe flare up anytime I get a upper respiratory infection. I've had one for a week now. No flare up. At this point, I'm just thankful something works until I can grow my own again.
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    Y'all might wanna check with Dan, possibly on Facebook. Because I know I've got him on my friends list. So maybe she has some friends on there? Either way, I'm sending some good love and healing thoughts. I know for a fact those work!
  4. Nah, it wasn't really me. I know it was some higher power, because even the doctors told us it was a miracle. I just helped by being a holy terror. Once she was awake and had her speaking valve on, they told her "We tried to make her leave....we couldn't." I was also totally the troublemaker in the I.C.U. waiting room. If I heard someone was being mistreated, or their family member was, I told them I would take them to the patient advocate, or even better, the NUNS. If you go to the Nun's in a catholic hospital, they will RUIN whoever is treating your family member, or you, badly. They will make sure it won't happen again. Also, for everyone who knows someone with insurance issues: Catholic hospitals are a blessing. Mom's AETNA was -THE-WORST-. It paid for like 2 days of hospitalization. TWO DAYS of being in the hospital. Catholic hospitals have financial aide for people who need it. This came in handy as Mom's Ventcation as I dubbed it was super expensive. Like, almost 1 million dollars. Disability took care of that. But before they did, it was HOLY SHEEET. The hospital did force AETNA to pay a good bit but... AVOID AETNA. They are JERKS. I love y'all. <3
  5. Dear God. This is so upsetting and horrific. I am so sorry that this piece of shit human being has done this to so many sufferers... How awful! Good thoughts and prayers to all of you.
  6. Jeeeeeebs, how are you? <3 I've missed you, too!~
  7. I'm sorry for not coming and checking in sooner. I really should have. I just recently realized that no, the CDC is not going to come and kidnap Mom. Or me, probably. ...Probably. Everything that happened I'm okay with, it's made me a stronger person, and I don't take any crap. We're much better off where we are, than where we were! I'm thankful to just be here, to have something that is working for my head, and to be getting along.
  8. Don't cry! I've just been busy and slightly paranoid! I'm glad to see you too, how's your Daughter doing?!
  9. Sometimes it takes the second round of botox for it to kick in, unfortunately. I know for me, the first week and a half I am in fucking HELL after my injections. Like, I am miserable as fuck. Then it kicks in, my face freezes, and I'm a lot better.
  10. A bunch of insane shit happened to me in the past year and a half. So I was kind of avoiding the board because of paranoia. Not over you guys... I was kind of worried the CDC was watching my Mom and I. (Yeah, I know. Sounds nuts... There are reasons for it though.) I didn't want to bring problems to the board. Lemme start at the beginning. My Mom got sick at the end of July 2013. Like, the day I went to have my shunt adjusted. Luckily, the adjustment took properly, and, by the time she had to go in the hospital I was fully capable of going with her. It was August 4th. At midnight. She was so sick, it took her from then until 4am to get ready. August 5th at this point... So I went, they took her to the back of the E.R. immediately. You know how they always fuck around with us, and leave us out front? I found out, you never want them to take you to the back immediately. It means that there is something bad wrong with you. It means that your vitals have gone wonky and they think you are about to kill the fuck over. They come in, see Mom in the bed and me beside her and are like "O, hi! What's going on? Why is Mom in the bed when the sickass is Mysti?" and we explained how the day I went to have my shunt adjustment Mom got deathly ill with stomach issues, and what she thought was the flu... They check her for the flu, nope. She was also hallucinating. They do x-rays and she has pneumonia in one lung, and is being admitted. They also have her hooked up to oxygen and she and I are both looking at it kind of funny, because her sats were at 89 pretty much constantly. That's not exactly great. 3pm rolls around that day so Mom sends my Aunt and I home, to get some things, and to Wal-mart. On our way there, she calls me and tells me they're sending her for a lung scan and moving her to the C.V.I.C.U. Cardiovascular I.C.U. When I get there, they tell me they're only keeping her for the night, so no. I cannot stay. I'm upset, and so is Mom, but hey, their rules, right? I go home, sleep, come in the next day and they have her on a bi-pap machine forcing air in her lungs. They are testing her for everything because they don't know what she has other than atypical pneumonia. The next day, the 7th, when I come in to see her, the nurse and her pulmonologist inform me that they need me to talk to her about voluntarily going on a ventilator. They asked her about it, but she was terrified. Me, being me, I go in and say "Mama, they want you to go on a vent." "I don't want to." "Well, do you want to live?" "Well, yes, but I'm scared." "If you wait to go on the vent, it will take longer to get you off of it. They may have to do it anyways..." "I know this, but I'm terrified." So I leave the room, after the visit, and ask them if they just want me to go ahead and sign consent forms in case they need to do it. Because I felt like why bother with bullshit? I love my Mom, she wants to live, let's sign this so I can get it done. They said naw, they'd call later if they had to put her on it. It was all good. They called at 10:30 that night to let me know they had to put her on it, and I told my Aunt that since Mom was now knocked out and no one else was going to be up there, -I- was going to be in the waiting room every day. Someone had to talk to the doctors and no one else in the family was willing to do it. So I spent the rest of my time harassing the shit out of everyone and making sure they did their jobs. They realized that Mom had Acute Resipratory Distress Syndrome, which, is where your lungs fill with fluid, and basically the only treatment is being on a ventilator until it gets better. There are other things they can do, but, pretty much that's it. I did research to find out what could be done, what couldn't be done, and what I DIDN'T want them doing to her. I was in there every single visit. They had her on 6 different mega antibiotics which, of course, caused c-diff. Also none of them treated what she had, which we'll get to later... Her kidneys also went into level 3 acute kidney failure, but they are 100% normal now. Lots of dialysis kept her afloat while things got better. So, this one day, the infectious disease doctor calls me in, informs me it's something that I have to get my pets out of my house for, leave my house, and basically let the CDC in over. Pretty much REALLY FUCKING SCARY SHIT. I told him that he had to explain this to my Aunt, because, if he didn't, she would not leave, and I was pretty sure she'd end up on a ventilator too. This was the wrong diagnosis, which, I'm not actually putting here cause... If Mom ever finds this she would murder me. Lol. That was August 17th. I condemned the house, because it had mold, and, hey, taking someone who has had ARDS in to a place that had mold? TERRIBLE IDEA. So we basically moved our pets in with my Aunt. They let us get some stuff out. It worked out for the best, although I was totally sure Mom would wake up and be like "YOU DID WHAT TO MY HOUSE?" and I was gonna be like "DON'T LEAVE ME IN CHARGE. I BURN ALL THE SHIT DOWN WHEN YOU DO THAT." So, eventually, I called the contact for the CDC, trying to find out what was going on with our house and some other things, and he informs me that my Mom did not have what the hospital diagnosed her with. False positive. No chance. The CDC tests things at the atomic level... And, well, she did not have it. The hospital had no clue, so as soon as I was done on the phone with him, I ran, called for Mom's nurse, and informed him, that no. You people are treating her for the WRONG THING. The scary thing was, there basically WAS no treatment... just supportive care. So I gave them his number and they got back to figuring out what the hell she had. Then, later that day, after 10 days of them treating Mom for the c.diff, and no one being able to tell me if she still had it or not, I harassed the fuck out of one of her nurses. I was like "Look, she always has diarrhea. She has IBS with diarrhea. I have never, not seen her, not having diarrhea. You have already given me a misdiagnosis ONCE." The next time he came in the room he informed me that they would be retesting her. I asked him if they normally do that. He shook his head no, in obvious fear of me. She no longer had it, which mean immunocompromised members other than myself (because I didn't give any fucks, and wasn't scared of c.diff) could come see her again! Before that point, it had gotten to where all of the nurse knew that I knew exactly what was going on with Mom. They had a habit of telling everyone "The daughter knows EVERYTHING, be prepared for QUESTIONS." because I learned they legally have to tell you everything going on. Also because I'm curious and should never be given that power. Around the 30th of August, they found out that she had rickettsia. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Yeah, that stuff you get from ticks. Doxycycline treats it. They started giving it to her, and around this time, they realized that they could lie her flat long enough to preform the trache operation. So September 3rd they gave her the trache and peg. A few days after that she woke up. Before that we really didn't know if she was in there, because the lights were on, and no one was home... She also couldn't move because the disease made her so weak, but I knew she was still in there when I walked in one morning and my Mom smiled at me!! That was the happiest day for me. Once she came around, she would force air past her vocal cords so she could talk... They made me stop her from doing that. Because of the fact that it would strain her. But once they put the speaking valve on she could talk like normal. Before she left the hospital the trache was removed. The past year and a half has been an uphill battle pretty much, because we had to rehab her at home. She had AETNA for insurance, which, was pretty shitty, come to find out. So as soon as they decided she was well enough, the hospital kicked her out. I've been her caretaker, she had to re-learn to walk after her limbs atrophied and everything... And she's in constant pain. But she's alive. She still has a lot of issues but she fights it every day. She's disabled now because her body and brain just doesn't work like it used to. When I get sick as hell due to my shunt, and everything else, she takes care of me. We live with my Aunt Tara in Orange Texas right now, which, I can't grow my own medicine because it's the drug capital of Southeast Texas. (No, seriously. If you go a block without finding a meth-head, you aren't in Fruit City.) Also, the Aunt I live with, and her husband, are kind of asshats and probably would not be okay with me growing. So my solution has been instead, my neurologist has been giving me Botox. It's actually helped! I still get hit, but it's tolerable. I can live with it. Still chronic, but I can deal. It's way milder than it was. I also use a Cefaly. Well, when I remember. I did notice it helped a lot when I remembered to use it daily. I've thought about all of you so much, and was honestly terrified to come here. It might have been a lot of the fact my PTSD has been kind of a dick here lately. I've tried the DALT, and it is good. I love you guys, and have missed you. TL:DR: My Mom nearly died. And by nearly died, I mean she was in there for 74 days. 64 were on a ventilator, 30 were on propofol because her vitals were so bad. Oh, and they also didn't know what the fuck she HAD. Her doctor told me it was a MIRACLE that she even survived at all because if you get Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and they don't treat you in the first 8 days, YOU DIE. She wasn't treated for the first 30 days. Because they didn't find it, misdiagnosed her, and I probably should own a hospital. But I didn't give any fucks about it cause I was just thankful she lived. Also, I kind of need to have both of us treated at that hospital because it's the only Trauma Level 1 around here. Botox is good, I love it for my clusters, DALT is good, too. I missed y'all.
  11. Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been around much, haven't felt very well in a while. (They say it's not my shunt, but I'm still having issues with it.) Lots of crap has happened, still pretty out of it a lot of the time due to the pressure headache, so I've been less sociable. (When I feel stupid, it's hard to talk about anything.) Was last hospitalized right before halloween, they thought I had a new type of vascular headache since the shunt checked out as alright. Medication change helped with that. I have two new kitties who are keeping me company, and keeping my spirits up. Still getting hit often, but dealing with it. The cats make for good company but both complain when I'm up and moving around and shouldn't be. Very helpful, and they are getting me to get my stamina up more. They're both very sweet boys. I miss y'all, and love y'all, and will try to be around more. Not making promises because I'm so scatterbrained at this point, but I'll try. Mystina
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    Augh, I hope you get some help soon hon, and do the welder's oxygen like everyone has suggested! That doctor's response pisses me the FECK off! I've had SEVERE complicated migraines since I was 9. He should at least do some kind of fecking diagnosing here. Indo test is important! It'll help get things moving either way, at least for you, you'll KNOW if you have HC or not.
  13. That is so amazing! I'm so happy for the BOTH of you!
  14. I am so sorry y'all are stuck with this, and really hope and pray vitamin M helps y'all with it. It's helped eliminate my migraines and CH. Another natural herb is Skullcap. It helps with nerve pain, I don't know if it would help with the pain or not... But it may be worth a shot.
  15. Color now returning to message board ;D, but blugh, sorry to hear about the problems with the various tubings! Sounds fecking miserable. :'( I have an uncle who just had an intestinal blockage from a hospital stay, and the way he describes it, the first scan they did on him for it didn't work, so they ended up giving him another dose of the stuff they were putting in him that lights up in the scan or something, then scanning him again. Turns out that stuff can have a dissolving effect on blockages and by the time he got the second dose that's just what it did! Unfortunately I'm allergic to everything they use for scanning EXCEPT radioactive things. It's like "Iodine? Oh hey, let's try to KILL OURSELVES." is it's response. Doc is going to do a MRI with MRI contrast of my brain on the First to see if there's any signs of the shunt not working at 100%. If there are signs in the brain that things aren't right, he'll open me up and fix it. But as he put it, he doesn't want to open me up JUST to open me up. Or to play around and cause more problems than I had before. He also said flat out Medicaid is why I got kicked out of the hospital. They basically went "You've done all of the tests, we don't give a damn that she's in pain, tell her to GTFO." I did have a great moment with the gastrointerologists who came in. They asked me "Do you drink?" "Oh yeah! All the time!" They got the FUNNIEST looks on their faces. "What do you drink?" "Water. I don't drink soda very often...." The look of relief on their faces was so clear, and we had a laugh over it later. They told me "We meant alcohol...." The hospital also slipped in with my discharge papers a card that says I'm radioactive until Nov 6th due to a shuntogram. No one talked to us about it. Just kind of slipped it in like SURPRISE. YOU'RE RADIOACTIVE. I was like "If Papa was still alive, he'd so have a geiger counter checking my radiation levels..." Since they'll be able to detect it for a while.
  16. I have been pretty much out of it since like... Sept 23rd or so. Sorry I haven't been around much! Been having pain near my tubing and also been pretty dazed and confused at times. (They said everything is fine with the shunt, but I've got some severe constipation going on when I was hospitalized last week.) I see my neurosurgeon tomorrow to figure out what to do now, since I've been taking a crapton of laxatives, and my tubing still hurts when I move around. I've missed you guys! <3 Hopefully I'll be back in working order and posting more! Mystina
  17. I agree, thank you so much Jerry! <3
  18. It works. I'm proof. The RC seeds stopped my migraines from the first dose. Mushrooms and LSD also have kept them away. I haven't had a migraine since Feb 11th 2011. I had 'em chronically. Feels FANTASTIC not to have to worry about that! There's hope hon!
  19. RC seeds, LSD, and Mushrooms have all worked for my Migraines. I have them with Aura. Haven't had a migraine since I busted with RC seeds which you can see the date of back in 2011. Good luck~! Mystina
  20. Yes, he is the man! We'd actually planned for April but after more shunt misadventures that had to be cancelled. It wasn't just him getting the money together either. Our friends in Chicago actually first gathered up about half of what was needed to get me there! Almost forgot to put that part in! It just had to be postponed! Well, I'm pretty sure it's due to her faith that is why she is the way she is. I know after Papa Cowart died I asked my Papa, "How does Nanny Violet deal with it? She's already been widowed once." "Well baby, she has a very strong faith." I mean flat out, up until the Alzheimer's got really bad, she never gossiped. (Now she might say something about what someone is wearing, but that didn't happen before. She's about to turn 95.) It pretty much shocked Gina when she heard her say anything like that. She somehow *has* no temper, and if she judged others, she kept it to herself. I've never seen or heard of Nanny being mad, or hateful to anyone. Nor have I ever seen her try to push her faith on anyone else. She believes in God, but it's not her business if you don't! She's stubborn, but that runs in our family. Bwhaha. The way we look at it, as a family, is we love her. She would do this for any of us, if the shoe was on the other foot. Hell, she took care of Papa Cowart and kept him alive for so much longer than anyone expected. She might have a disease that's destroying her mind, but she still has her dignity. She deserves quality of life, for as long as she can have it. She deserves to keep her dignity, her modesty, and get as much joy for as long as she can. We know that in the end she might have to go into a home / treatment facility when things get REALLY bad... But until then, we should do whatever we can to give her what we can. Gina's the main one that does that, she takes her out of the house every day that Nanny feels up to going, and on days that my Mom is off of work and not in a lot of pain she goes. And days when I'm feeling good I go. (Anytime Gina works at night, I always go as it helps Gina out.) So I can't take a lot of credit for it. But like I said... If it was one of us who needed it, Nanny would be doing it for us, no questions asked. This also helps Gina out, as Gina has severe depression, so taking care of Nanny helps her get out of herself. Gina might be cranky and have no patience with my Mom and I, but thank GOD she has all the patience in the world for Nanny. We've also had some other hilarious times. Nanny absolutely cannot drive. Her car also was made so it couldn't work. She BELIEVES she can, and thinks that she still does drive her own car, but she can't. Nanny knew it was next door at her son Virgil's house, or suspected. This was one day pretty early on in Gina's watching her. So, she tells Gina "Let's drive THIS way down the road today." and Gina assumes it's just cause Nanny wants to go a different way... No. Nanny was checking to see if her car was over at Virgil's house. They get back from lunch, and after a little while Nanny says "I'm going to walk to the edge of my yard. You just stay in here. Don't follow me." Gina agreed, but she sneakily followed Nanny out anyways. Nanny walked across her yard over into her son Virgil's, and, this yard is full of HILLS. I mean, tons of them. It was a miracle she didn't fall over. Gina follows her, and once they get over there, Nanny finds her car, and gets in the front seat, checks for the keys, digs in the back, etc... Then she turns to Gina and asks her if a locksmith could come out and make her a key for it. Gina tells her no. (I don't know if they CAN, but the answer was NO.) Nanny dug some more and then they went back to her house, but yeah. Sneaky Nanny. Gina was SEVERELY disturbed by this, while the rest of us all had a good laugh. She told them they needed to get RID of that car, ASAP. They did, thankfully. If Nanny gets up and leaves the room for a minute or two, I tend to follow. After watching my nephews, I've learned silence = something is happening and there's a 75% chance it might be bad.
  21. I figured I'd put the love part of the story up. Just so no one thinks "WTF?" My Nanny Cowart, Married to my Papa Cowart, was Nanny Violet's half sister. Their parents met through a newspaper, way back when. Nanny Cowart's Mom had lost her husband and had a few children... Nanny Violet's father had lost his wife, and had Violet to take care of. So they met up through the mail, and we're assuming they must have liked each other a lot 'cause they had a LOT more kids. Nanny Violet was married, and had kids. Lost her husband at some point. As in, he died. That's okay, cause he was a mean bastard from what I heard. So, she'd go on trips with my Nanny Cowart and Papa Cowart, they were all really good friends. Nanny Cowart wound up getting cancer. I think it was oak cell? Something similar. So, she was dying, and pretty fast. Her wish on her deathbed was that Nanny Violet, and Papa Cowart take care of each other. They were already friends. But she wanted them to date, hopefully fall in love, and marry. After she passed away, they would date. Nanny Cowart died when I was about 2. Papa Cowart would take Nanny out places, but made sure not to besmirch her name or anything like that. After a year or so, they announced to the family that yes, they had fallen in love, and decided to get married. Just like Nanny Cowart wanted. Our half of the family was pretty much okay with it. Nanny Violet's side pitched a fit. They're mostly kind of uptight as all get-out. Papa Cowart had a lot of strokes, and she took care of him through all of that. He died when I was about 15 or so. Maybe 16. She only put him in an old folks home due to the fact that she had to have surgery on her ankle, and couldn't get up and walk around to take care of him. And I know he was hard to take care of, he had dementia, and a major temper. In fact, when he got pissed off, you could ALWAYS understand what he said, because it was a big long string of cuss words! Nanny's just a very amazing woman. I think we're blessed that she's still able to find things that make her happy and all.
  22. Heading to Chicago for 24 days. I'll probably pop online to see how things are going, but I'll miss y'all! <3 Kage is paying for everything, including our gas, so I get to go. First, my Nanny Violet has Alzheimer's, and, honestly, I'd rather have CH than that. BUT.... We're blessed because she's still functional. My Aunt Gina watches her about 4 days a week. Usually when she watches her nights, I go, or when I'm not feeling too bad. Now Nanny has no idea who I am, except I'm someone who keeps her company sometimes, and I love her/she loves me. I'm her Step-Great-Granddaughter, and also her Great Niece. If y'all wanna hear about how that happened, it's an amazing love story. Gina, she also knows this with but she knows Gina is there every day. Some days she knows who exactly Gina is, what her name is, etc. Some days not. So, last night we're watching her. And, Nanny is a VERY religious lady. I mean, before she had Alzheimer's, the only bad thing I -ever- heard her say was about one of my doctors. Which was "Well, he's just like a big ol' mean bulldog, isn't he?!" and it shocked the LIVING HELL out of my Mom and I. She never talked about anyone behind their back / gossiped, etc. She's generally a very proper woman. She's exactly what I think of when I think of a "Lady." She's one of those people who just RADIATES kindness. We're sitting there, and she has a tube of what I assume is muscle rub, she's got bad knees. My Mom's sitting next to her and she turns to her and holds it up. She then informs all 3 of us "You know... I thought maybe I should hide this! I bought it thinking it was muscle rub. Then I sat down after I got home and read it. And it says BUTT... B-U-T-T paste. BUTT PASTE! Then I read on the back it was used for babies who have a hurt butt... I tried some on my knee and it helped." All 4 of us laughed SO DAMNED HARD. It was so fecking hilarious, and she obviously knew it was too. Now, she might forget a lot of things, and we might have the same conversations over and over, but she still has a damned good sense of humor! Figured I'd share. Every time I had a bad moment today I've said to myself "BUTT PASTE." and it got a hell of a lot better. LMAO. I love y'all! Mystina
  23. What about dosing with Vitamin M at bedtime? After they've both gone to bed? My suggestion is do the float test, like Jeebs suggested. It might work for you. Hope you figure somethin' out!
  24. Six days are damn well better than nothin'! Maybe it was just a rogue hit. You never know! Jeebss, I plan to one day. But I figure why do it now? I'd just have to write a new book every few years when MORE fecked up things happened to me. And that SERIOUSLY was one of my Papa's favorite stories. It tickled him so much that I woke up right then.
  25. I've had quite a few tries of different nerve blocks. Lidocaine helped, but it wore off after 2 hours. I'm allergic to steroids, and had a HORRIBLE 2 months after. We thought I could use Triamcinolone, but it turned out, no dice. Since the lidocaine block helped, we moved on to Radiofrequency Ablation. The first round up it numbed me up for about a week. Left side only. Then my nerves basically went "Oh really? Feck you." and started acting up again. On the right side, instead. Then switched back to both sides. So we did RFA on both occipital nerves. That turned out to be a living hell. I was in so much pain for a few months until my nerves calmed back down. After that, an Orbital block was tried, and then a trigeminal nerve block. Both with just lidocaine, no steroids. Both under anesthesia. My nerves again went "FECK YOU." and as soon as the lidocaine wore off, while I had relief while it was there, my CH flipped the feck out after. I was told I was not a candidate for blocks, any more RFA as my nerves are just too damned sensitive. > But hey, it was worth a shot! I'm just glad it worked for you, and that it works for other people too! Bwhaha on the versed making you feel good. At first when I was young, it did. And yeah, you can end up like Michael Jackson due to it. I nearly wound up in a coma due to the stuff during a procedure where they were monitoring me. I was out for over 8 hours because they had to give me so much to calm me down, as versed doesn't really numb the pain, it just kind of makes it so you don't REMEMBER it. So me, crying, screaming = Give her more! They were about to give me the antidote which they told my Mom and Papa would either push me into a complete coma, or would bring me out of it. So Papa said "Baby, if you'll wake up, I'll take you to buy anything you want that's Hello Kitty! Just please wake up!" "...Hello Kitty?" I said, and everyone in the room started to crack up. He always said he could get me out of a coma if he offered me Hello Kitty/Sanrio products. LOL. I've also had so much versed that the amnesia part of it doesn't work on me, so I remember EVERYTHING that happens. Getting a dose of it once a week for about 4 years turned it ineffective, and then made it so if I was given it I'd go into psycho aggro mode. Some docs didn't believe me and wound up trying to do an LP with 7 grown men holding me down, and me trying to bite them, spit at them, and kick the whole time. Shoulda listened to me. On top of that due to osteoporosis, and multiple compression fractures, I was normally super weak. The first time it made me cranky / mean the nurses in the ICU asked my Mom: "Where's Mysti?" "Uh...right in there." She said, disturbed, and kind of freaking out. It was obvious where I was. "No. That's not OUR Mysti. That's some demon POSSESSING our girl." But seriously, anything that gives you relief is wonderful, Dan! <3
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