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  1. Honey, most people with hits do not like being touched. In fact, you'll find a ton of people who will let you know if you touch them during a hit they may hit you. I was like that at first but since I had to take care of my nephews and one day want to be a Mom, I knew I couldn't stay like that. So I got to where I could handle touch. But if it's a high level hit? I don't want ANYONE touching me. I shrink away. I get to the point I want to choke doctors when they go to touch me. I also get violent and start wanting to throw shit and become destructive. Grumpiness is completely normal when you're in severe pain, feel bad, or hurt. Ask anyone who deals with sick people. When you feel bad, your temper is shortened. You want shit to work properly so you can get the feck home. And when people are idiots... Well, it's normal to want to punch 'em.
  2. Well, here's the deal: Some people bust just fine while on calcium channel blockers. Other people have to quit them to bust properly. It depends on what you want to try. You can try busting while on the nimodipine, and see if it helps. If the busting doesn't help much / work, then stop the nimodipine, and try again after 5 days. Personally, if the shit is hitting the fan, I'd detox from the stuff and just go full busting on it's ass. But that's just me! It's in the same class as verapamil, which is what I'm basing my advice on. I've heard a few people say melatonin does not interfere with busting. So go ahead and take it at night. It should help with the night hits. Skullcap is great. I don't use it for the anxiety, I use it daily because it helps with the nerve pain. So I keep it as a preventative. At 25 seeds, you shouldn't be having anxiety though, or really feelin' much of anything from the seeds. 'Cept maybe some sleepiness. Good luck!
  3. Called the doc's office, receptionist couldn't tell me anything and said a nurse would have to call me to 'explain' the results to me. Ugh. BTW, Ketamine is way better than propofol. Propofol I just pass out and have no dreams. Ketamine, I thought I was an anesthesiologist when they gave it to me! LMAO. The hallucination was SO REAL. It was awesome. My back and shunt are currently hurting pretty bad from it unfortunately. It was hurting last night too. I don't think the healing tissue in my abdomen liked all of those radioactive isotopes up in 'em. My head is kinda like "Did you REALLY think letting them inject more fluid into me was an okay idea? SERIOUSLY? WTF."
  4. I'm so happy for you Ting! The fact that you HAVE hopes and dreams, and are going to be achieving them to me, shows how far you've come since you began your journey here! It's kinda like when we're at the end of our rope and join CB, our hopes and dreams have been dashed. With busting, we get hope back, little by little... Then we can start to dream again. You're going to do fantastic in this challenge darling!! Love, Mystina
  5. I was KOed for the LP/injection so that went great! They didn't seem to damage any nerves either. The shuntogram part was only supposed to take 45 minutes or so, and wound up taking 4 hours. Dunno what that says about my shunt. They said doc should have the results tomorrow. Hoping I can just call and find out instead of having to go in. The nurse who sat with me after I woke up mentioned that I got "Milk of Michael Jackson." Propofol. I commented on how he was crazy to have used it outside of a hospital and that I wouldn't EVER want to. Then he informs me that at certain doses of Propofol you get "special" dreams. Which was probably why MJ was using it. At first I was thinking "What kind?" then he mentioned a woman woke up from it and wanted to know if her boyfriend had been there. They all said no and she kinda went awkward quiet. I figured out what kind of dreams he meant. LMAO.
  6. Thank y'all for the well wishes. <3 Tomorrow, SHOULD just be me going there, them drugging me up, jabbing my spine, and taking pics then I go home. Unless they do some major damage along the way or see something that's urgent on the scan. We're bringing a bag just in case because I've had some LP's go horribly wrong. (I've already got some severe nerve damage in there. I HATE LP's.) If the procedure goes alright, then I get to go home, and see my neurosurgeon in a week, then he'll tell me what we'll do. That's the outcome I'm hoping for. I just didn't want to possibly up and poof and leave Kage to explain when in this case it's kind of forseeable. The other thing is I might be super out of it for a week or two after the shuntogram, so I'd rather people know that too so when I start derping all over the place...
  7. I figured I'd let y'all know ahead of time I might be out for a bit again. Tomorrow I get what's called a shuntogram, where do a lumbar puncture and inject radioactive isotopes into my spine, then take images to watch and see if my shunt is working properly. (And they're damn well going to put me under some heavy sedation before attempting to do that or I'm gonna punch someone.) Either my brain / body is taking an extra long time to get used to the shunt this time around, or it's possible the shunt is malfunctioning again. If it's the latter, I get more surgery, probably to put in a new one. If it's just my body needing to adjust we wait around a few months and see what happens. I'm nervous as hell. I've had over 250 LP's, and haven't enjoyed any damn one of 'em except when I had ketamine. I always go in expecting them to try to use versed on me, which just turns me into a raging maniac. Luckily my hits are on the low cycle side of things still mostly, and I've got about a month before the beast starts to get real ugly again. Anyways, I love you guys. Anything happens Kage will keep y'all up to date. Mystina
  8. The beast loves him some Poptarts (??!!) I guess. No, it's obvious Jeff's beast hates the Poptarts. They horribly enrage it. Jeff's beast must have been traumatized somehow with them as a child. If he loved them, coming out when Jeff ate them would make them go away. I filled out the form but I'm still super out of it and my brain is still spazzy so I don't really remember what I filled out. And probably didn't include a lot of extras. (It was a night or two ago...)
  9. When I have kids, unless BOL is available and easy to get, I will have no qualms giving them seeds or whatever I have to for these headaches. Same goes for any of my other family members. I honestly think that maybe, just maybe if I had tried seeds / mushrooms / LSD first, I could have stopped my cycle at the start. Or at least righted what was wrong!
  10. Uhh.... I thought peppers tended to enhance your tastebuds... In OJ it's not so bad. In Vodka, it's horrid. In OJ and vodka, semi-horrid.
  11. Nope, perfectly normal. Sleep paralysis during a hit would feck anyone up.
  12. If my sleep is fecked with, I get hit, BAD. I.E. If someone startles me awake, I'm going to wake up with a nasty hit, and in a nasty mood. It's usually in the K8+ range and has sent me to the ER. The only time it DIDN'T happen was when I was in the hospital this last time, and drugged up majorly for the pain. Mom touched my cheek, I woke up and nearly took her arm off. The crocodile hunter should have been narrating it. "Look, there's a sleeping Mysti. They're very dangerous to wake up from a deep sleep. There's her Mum. She's worried that the sleeping Mysti isn't breathing. She's going to touch her... OH GOD, SHE'S ANGRY, SHE'S ANGRY!!!" "AAUUUUUUUUGH!!!! What the fuck Mom?!" "I'm sorry I couldn't tell if you were breathing or not!" "ASK NEXT TIME." I've had insomnia from the time I was a small child (Like, age 2 at least. Probably earlier than that.) at this point, I take meds that put me into a pretty deep sleep -- because otherwise I start to go crazy after a few days of no sleep. (More crazy than I already am.) If you think you're having sleep apnea, get a sleep study done. You can TELL a huge difference with the machine. At least that's what I've been told. (I have central apnea+vocal cord dysfunction so the machine did nada for me.)
  13. That's just the beast barging back into the ass kicking party and bitch-slapping you around a little. He's not that great at it, and the O2 bouncers know how to handle him. I eat 'em raw. Just like my Pop Tarts. I can't stand cooked Pop Tarts. There's something wrong with 'em I think.
  14. Yes. He was delicious. Did you batter it first?
  15. Glad to hear that you're doing well and about your daughter too! That's wonderful! I'd had you on my mind/was wondering how you were doing lately! Pfft, you deserve that Lexus. You've been through a shitstorm. Your whole family has been. Congrats! Mystina
  16. He's in my thoughts and prayers, I'm so sorry that this happened and hope it's a fluke! I know with your heart breaking due to this, there's not much to bring comfort... but if nothing else, at least you know how to treat this. If it turns out to be a true cycle, he could get started on the seeds easily, or D3, or Licorice root, etc. Hell, his migraines might be fixed by it, too. Two birds with one stone! We're here, there's hope, and one day BOL.
  17. Well, then. LMFAO. Next time I have to bust, I'll have to send something like this. But of course, mine will be filled with a lot more fecks.
  18. Kage and I both have dealt with things like this before. It's his specialty. Okay so this is a message from Kage, he'll poke his head in later : He'd like to help you when/if he can. This type of thing might require him being there though. He's heard of similar stuff before.
  19. Ugh, I hate that you two are getting hit. I'm thinking about both of you, BB and Brew, and praying for y'all.
  20. I'm so sad to hear this. This is a great loss to all clusterheads.
  21. Get to the eye doctor. There might be something they can do. My pedi-neurologist had 'em put blue filters in my glasses to help prevent migraines. He said that flouresent tubes, the big 'uns flash sometimes...and that it's a definite trigger. The blue was supposed to help. I dunno if it does, but I've never stopped wearing it. And I do agree with an energy drink. Those helped with my migraines too.
  22. I've had complicated migraines since I was 9. I was having a LOT of them before I ever tried RC seeds, or mushrooms. Sometimes 2 a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. During my period I had them every day of it. The RC seeds stopped the migraines immediately. When I switched to Vitamin M, it kept them under wraps too. Same with LSD. So yes, it works for migraines. I'm proof! Mystina
  23. I agree with Jeebs, y'all are AWESOME. Thank you all so much! <3
  24. That's not a stupid question. My endocrinologist wanted me to try it to see if it would open up my congested side during a hit. For my hits, heat is bad though, so I never did. I know some people get relief from heat / hot showers during hits though, so maybe it's a similar thing.
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